David · May 2, 2003 at 11:18 am · Filed Under Mariners 

Just a few quick notes on the Future Forty, which you can now find under our orginal features section.

The list was drawn up using my opinions based on in person observations (and I have seen the majority of these players myself), analysis of their statistical track record, organizational feelings toward the player, and opinions from others I respect who have watched these guys play. This isn’t a list of the guys with the most potential, but it also isn’t a list of the guys with the best statistics. I’ve tried to paint as clear a picture as possible of the 40 players in the organization who, as of today, have the most likely shot at success in the major leagues.

I’ll attempt to update the list at the beginning of each month with new rankings and comments. The player names are linked to Baseball America’s player finder page, so you’ll always be able to use those to get up to date stats on the player for the season (and including fall/winter ball from last year, if they participated).

As the season goes along, you’ll see more movement in the lower half of the rankings than the upper portion. There really is little difference between the 23rd and 35th best prospect in the system. At that point, they are all pretty much longshots. I was pretty conservative with recent draftees and other players who will likely be in Peoria or Everett this year. Guys like Terry Forbes, Kendall Bergdall, and Felix Hernandez all possess more potential than others on the Future Forty, but I’ll let them earn their way on once they hit the diamond.



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