USSM Orientation

Like all communities, USSM has some expectations of new users. If you want to join the conversation without being ruthlessly torn apart and mocked, it helps if you’re at least familiar with some central concepts.

Generally speaking, in discussions:
The burden of proof is on the person who makes the assertion, and the wilder your assertion, the better your evidence should be. If you want to argue that Raul Ibanez is the best defensive left fielder ever, or that clutch hitting exists, or whatever, you need to bring the proof. “You need to disprove my theory” is not an acceptable argument, ever.

Please note that this does not mean that something has to be justified every time. You should be familiar with the current state of the argument first. If we’ve discussed a topic – like the abilities of Ryan Franklin, which were debated for years – and you decide to argue that he was totally awesome and misunderstood, well, we’re going to refer you back to the body of existing evidence, and you’ll need to go refute that.

This may seem like a terrible burden on you. Sorry. But there it is. Bear it.

Essential Introductions

Evaluating Pitcher Talent. Or, “Why ERA and WHIP don’t cut it these days.” Essential reading.

Evaluating Defense.

Evaluating trades