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Series Preview: Mariners at Phillies

Yes folks, it’s the matchup you’ve all been waiting for, one of the fiercest rivalries in all of baseball. This is why interleague play exists: to allow marquee matchups like this that you, the fans, demanded.

Tues the 3rd, 4:05p, LHP Moyer v RHP Millwood

Wed the 4th, 4:05p, RHP Meche v RHP Padilla

Thu the 5th, 4:05p, RHP Pineiro v RHP Duckworth

Sarcasm aside, good games ahead, and that first game could be an awesome matchup: Millwood’s having a great year, and Moyer is Moyer. Padilla’s been okay, and I’d like to see Meche turn in a great start to steal that game. Then Pineiro v Duckworth, Pineiro pitches well and boom, we’re out of Philly with the sweep. No need to play the games, risk injury — just send us our share of the gate. Thanks. And for all the talk about Philly’s huge offensive upgrades in the off-season, they’re not as good so far this season as the Mariners have been. Seattle good pen, Philly not good pen.

Has anyone else noticed that Melvin, by quietly making a couple of flips in the rotation, now has them arranged more-or-less by quality? From the start of the season, it’s now 2-5-3-4-1, but by performance this year it’s now pretty well balanced by performance this year versus overall goodness, Freddy’s awfulness now having booted him all the way to the back (but, as I’m sure Melvin would say if called on this, still nominally the #1 starter).


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