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The M’s are adding four players to the roster today. RHP Aaron Taylor, 3B Greg Dobbs, OF Jeremy Reed, and C Rene Rivera will join the team for September. The M’s will have to make a corresponding roster move to free up a 40-man spot for Rivera, which will likely be the switch to the 60 day DL for Pineiro or Blackley.

With Rivera getting added to the 40-man, the list of open spots for protecting players from the rule 5 draft this fall continues to shink. The M’s are going to have to make some tough calls on some interesting players, and guys like Ryan Rowland-Smith, Rich Dorman, and T. J. Bohn are now almost certain to be available to any team who wants to pluck them from the M’s system.

Edit: As noted by JC in the comments, Mickey Lopez is reportedly getting the call as well.

Edit part two: Rivera has not been called up. They changed their minds.


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  1. Jim Thomsen on September 6th, 2004 12:09 pm

    Greg Doobs … gotta remember that typo if he ever tests positive for marijuana use.

    Question: Which of the exposed prospects would you move to protect?

    Also: I’ve been seeing a lot of good press lately on Rick Guttormson, the local product who’s been the closer at San Antonio. He didn’t make the Future Forty, however. What’s the thinking on him, the scouting reports?

    One wonders if Jeremy Reed will be put through the Sean Burroughs wringer — a perfectly good player who gets ripped on because he doesn’t hit as many home runs as some people might think he ought to. Can the Mariners live with, say, a .284 average, 10 home runs and 76 RBIs as a rookie year? With, say, a .363 OBP and a 754 OPS?

  2. Dave S. on September 6th, 2004 12:15 pm

    So, Rene Rivera is the “surprise,” I take it?

  3. Melvin Bob on September 6th, 2004 12:19 pm


  4. Melvin Bob on September 6th, 2004 12:23 pm

    Zapp and Choo should have been called up rather than Greg “On Base Machine” Dobbs and Pat Borders’ Triple A replacement.

  5. Dave S. on September 6th, 2004 12:26 pm

    Zapp and Choo weren’t on the 40-man roster. I don’t want Choo up here, anyway. Too early.

  6. Jim Thomsen on September 6th, 2004 12:30 pm

    Yes, I found it interesting that the P-I today felt it had to make clear that Felix Hernandez would not be among the callups. I think people need to get over the idea that September callups should be some sort of novelty or a misplaced “attaboy” for a decent season. They should be for players who have a future with the big club, who are actually ready to be looked at. Calling up Felix and seeing him get lit up for seven earned runs in four innings just for the Roman gladiator fans in the stands could set back his development a year or more — the curcial but underrated mental development.

    By the way, what do we think of the M’s employing Jimy Williams as a minor-league consultant?

  7. Dan on September 6th, 2004 12:36 pm

    I thought tacoma had a problem at C already after borders was traded, and bavasi said he was going to avoid disturbing their roster too much? Did i miss something? Why are we calling up a third catcher?

  8. Dave S. on September 6th, 2004 12:39 pm

    Tacoma’s season is over.

  9. David J Corcoran on September 6th, 2004 12:59 pm

    With Reed coming up, will we see more of Ibanez at first base? How will they sort out playing time?

    Taylor and Dobbs. Whoopee. Not too exciting.

    Rivera. How do they plan to use him in the future with Olivo? Is he being showcased as trade bait? Is he the “backup catcher of the future”?

  10. David J Corcoran on September 6th, 2004 1:02 pm

    Ugueto is on the restricted list, so they can add Reed and Rivera. They will have to make a move during the offseason (when the roster opens up anyway)

  11. Matt Bjorke on September 6th, 2004 1:07 pm

    None of this surprises me. Dobbs is worth a look. Besides what’s better a 3b with decent batting skills or one of the plethora of “supersubs” the m’s bench is littered with starting. I think that Taylor could have a strong chance of winning a spot next year too. Reed will be interesting to watch. Rivera will see spot duty. Zapp is a good AAAA player, too good for AAA too terrible for MLB.

  12. Dave on September 6th, 2004 1:11 pm

    Seriously, Greg Dobbs sucks. The fact that the M’s are so high on him is an indictment of their ability to analyze talent. He’s awful.

    I’m gonna do a post later this week (or maybe later today) on the 40 man roster and the prospects that need protecting this offseason. The M’s have a lot of crap they could clear out if they wanted, but barring the release of guys like Ramon Santiago, the team is going to probably lose a couple of marginal prospects who could turn into decent role players. Aquilino Lopez isn’t that much different from a guy like Rich Dorman, whose crazy K rates and velocity will attract a good amount of attention if he’s exposed.

  13. matt on September 6th, 2004 1:25 pm

    that would be a great rookie season.And what I dont understand is why
    they called up rivera,didnt he just get called up to tacoma?

    Zapp should be here he is a free agent so what good is he now.
    That is the last we are going to see of zapp.

  14. Jeff in Fremont on September 6th, 2004 2:04 pm

    On a side note, word is that Art Howe is on his way out with the Mets. Any comments on whether or not he’d be worth looking at when Melvin is shows the door?

  15. jc on September 6th, 2004 2:15 pm

    The surprise will be mickey lopez.You heard it hear first!!!!

  16. David J Corcoran on September 6th, 2004 3:36 pm

    Lopez IS getting the call?

    Good for him. He deserves it.

  17. David J Corcoran on September 6th, 2004 3:52 pm

    Rivera is NOT getting the call.

  18. tede on September 6th, 2004 4:44 pm

    I think you’re wrong on Rene Rivera.

    I really don’t see the point of Mickey Lopez though. But good for him, it’s his dream. I would have rather had AJ Zapp so he could take aim on the Section 101 patrons.

    OT: Anybody when hearing today’s forfeit contraversy between NY and Tampa over Tampa not leaving town soon enough to reach NY, think back to all the whacky travel plans the M’s faced in the past to and from Tampa to accomodate Lou’s desire for an extra day at home?

  19. Jon Wells on September 7th, 2004 1:51 am

    According to Tuesday’s News Tribune, Rene Rivera was sent from Tacoma to join Inland Empire for their playoffs and will likely be brought up by the Mariners when Inland Empire’s season is over…That still causes a 40 man problem unless Rivera is on next year’s roster, which he won’t be (or shouldn’t be). Rather than calling up Rivera, who they won’t play anyway, why not call up Jim Horner, who retired after yesterday’s Tacoma game? They could just take him off the roster at the end of the year (Rivera will have to remain on the 40 man or be exposed to waivers).