Site work update

DMZ · November 1, 2004 at 8:50 pm · Filed Under Site information 

It’s close to nine now, and I’ve completed all the stuff I felt I had to get done. Comment protection is now… well, it’s pretty brutal, though until it can actually reach out and beat the stuffing out of people it’s not as brutal as I’d like.

I have not yet relaxed the controls I put in the first time, so the caveats about AOL issues still apply. All told, today’s site upgrades probably took 2 hours of actual futzing with stuff beyond time spent figuring out how to get them to work and integrated without there being anything obvious that you, the reader, would notice. Which now that I write, that, seems kind of dumb. I should have put blinking “Derek pwnz!!” tags everywhere or something. Anyway–

Let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary, particularly with comments. I did not get to some of the more wonkier stuff I’d hoped to get to, but that’s life. Anyone who wants to talk to me about MySQL, WordPress, and the stranger corners of performance optimization can drop me a line. I’m off to worry about the election but I’ll be back soon enough.


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