My head hurts

Dave · December 13, 2004 at 2:25 pm · Filed Under Mariners 

The winter meetings are over, but the last half hour is threatening to make me turn my phone off. Pedro Martinez is supposedly going to the Mets, which is reportedly setting off a monstrous chain reaction that could lead to everything we’ve discussed the past 24 hours getting blown apart. Sexson’s agent is saying the deal is still not done (which is true, as nothing has been signed, but a tentative agreement has been reached) while the Dodgers have supposedly called a press conference to either announce that they’ve re-signed Adrian Beltre, they’re dropping out of the Adrian Beltre sweepstakes, or that they’re moving the franchise to Lake Titicaca, depending on who you talk to.

It’s insane, honestly. I don’t know that anyone has a good idea what’s really going on right now. And this was supposed to be the boring day.

Update: It appears that the talk of a Dodgers press conference was either incorrect or it was delayed/canceled. Who knows. I’m just ready for all this to end.


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  1. David on December 13th, 2004 8:03 pm

    Apparantly the Nationals are shopping Nick Johnson, possibly for Lance Carter or Jorge Sosa (not sure how to link to an article in this post, but google it and it shall come). Any chance Bavasi is just joking, and instead of wasting so much cash, we’ll trade for the ~ $1 million 1 bagger instead of all this wacky Richie Sexon Talk? Please?

  2. David J Corcoran on December 13th, 2004 8:08 pm

    Nick Johnson for Jorge Sosa? They would certainly take Clint Nageotte then! I’d do Johnson for Nageotte and even throw in Mateo or something if they want, NOW.

  3. Dylan on December 13th, 2004 8:08 pm

    So the Dodgers got Beltre? Unbeliveable!!!

  4. David J Corcoran on December 13th, 2004 8:09 pm

    If they want to give Nick Johnson away, Bavasi would be an idiot not to take him. Get Johnson. Skip Sexton [sic]

  5. Daaaannnn on December 13th, 2004 8:09 pm

    #103, nobody knows either way yet.

  6. Dylan on December 13th, 2004 8:45 pm

    Apologies on post 103, my 11 year old nephew read the front page and got a bit excited so posted. I certainly don’t believe the Dodgers have him, I’m still praying 🙂

  7. Coach on December 13th, 2004 11:43 pm

    Dear Bill:

    OK, you’ve run up the price Baltimore will have to pay for Sexson far enough. Let them have him, they deserve each other. This should take them out of contention in some other areas, good work.
    Finish the job on Beltre and start working J.D. Drew. By the way, do keep Beltran on your radar, the list of potential dance partners for him seem to be getting a bit shorter.

  8. ChrisK on December 14th, 2004 12:07 am

    #107 (Coach) – you’re giving Bavasi et al too much credit. They’re hellbent on getting the hometown boy. They probably have Sexson’s cute commercial already written for him and ready to film. The M’s are a one-dimentional thinking team, there is no deeper strategy involved unfortunately.

  9. clarence credence on December 14th, 2004 12:52 am

    Perhaps Bavasi is a genius, Sexson is just a smokescreen who will end up going to the O’s, and the M’s will land Beltre and Delgado (despite their ages, you have to take Delgado over Sexson at anywhere near or over $12 mil per year, don’t you?). Villone will sign to anyone but the M’s, and Bavasi will trade for a #1 starter because none of the available FAs are worth what they’re getting.

    No, seriously. Ah, well, nevermind.

  10. Bela Txadux on December 14th, 2004 2:33 am

    A few, stray signings:

    Word has it that the Exponentials have agreements in principle with *tah-dahhhh* Wil Cordero and Jeffrey Hammond. No, really; that’s what I read (on I’ve always refered to Bowden as “Bowser,” but at least most other dogs can fetch. This if true, btw, makes it all but certain that Nick[ed] Johnson will be dealt. The first look Districtlanders are going to have of the Exponentials is going to be exactly like their last ten years of Senators: old, broke, and fumblebum. Yikes.

    The Angels sign Esteban Yan at ~2-for-2. Not that bad a move as long as Yan doesn’t close, which velocity notwithstanding he’s never done well. They are now stacked for a powerpen. Vilone as the lefty sign is, for _them_ not a bad move either. Age doesn’t matter that much in the pen as long as the guy can do one thing well and is signed for two years or less; it can even be a plus because vets know and accept their role, happy just to have a big league uniform. The longer I watch Stoneman work, the better I like him. Somehow, I always had the feel that signing Clement would come down to a bidding war with the Angels. I mean, last year they signed the two power arm starters on the top of the board, and it looked like a stable MO. Personally, I don’t really care if the Ms _sign_ a starter; I’d rather see them trade for a young arm and harvest it’s full worth than pay top of the market after a guy’s had his best season. Still, Clement is the best package in play, and if the Ms are going to bid on anyone I’d rather see it be him.

    Matheny signs with the Giants at ~3-for-3. Not a bad deal; a catcher’s job is to catch, in my book; Matheny is about as good as it gets at that. If he hits, which Matheny doesn’t, it’s icing. This means that A. J. Btfszlk gets non-tendered, since who’s going to trade for his arb numbers? Which means that Sabean gave Joe Nathan to the Twins for free, basically. And threw in his [Sabean’s] ‘genius’ beenie gratis in the deal, which Terry Ryan is now wearing at every press conference as the media has begun to report (bleatin’ sheep, allem, sezme). Still, Brian at least cuts his losses fairly quickly. We don’t do that here in Rapport-am-Duwamish, do we?

    Sisko to KC almost makes sense, since he could actually have a role on the big league staff. Except, of course, that KCs pitcher development has to be the most incompetent in the majors, so the odds are that the Tall Guy is hurt or ineffective by July no matter who he is when he reports to camp. Still, that means that the (Sur)Reyals won’t have to offer him back, hey.

    Lee to Milwaukee: say _what_? Gotta be a salary dump to clear payroll for a big sign, so I guess the real issue is, who’s the sign? No way to read this one until we know. I, personally, think Kenny Williams is whacked in the head. Each year he’s in the GM chair, the aggregate talent on the ChiSox has gone down, by any measure, and he’s gutted the farm system in the process to no stable gain. I still miss the old Veeck-and-Lemon with a twist of wry cocktail. That team at least had athletes and some pitching.

    Oh, I just love a bustlin’ offseason. And I don’t even do fantasy league!

  11. AK1984 on December 14th, 2004 2:33 am

    Hey, could a three-way deal in which the Mets trade catcher Mike Piazza to the Dodgers as well as left fielder Cliff Floyd to the Cubs, the Dodgers trade right fielder Shawn Green to the Cubs, and the Cubs trade right fielder Sammy Sosa to the Mets happen?

  12. greenlaw9 on December 14th, 2004 5:09 am

    My goodness 111 & 112 were long posts, but then again, what else is ther to do at 2:33 in the morning? (p.s. why is the time zone stamp for this site so far off P.S.T.?)

    Here’s my two cents (in case they weren’t clear enogh already)…

    One. Will everyone please stomp complaining about Sexson?! He is that risk that we all have been wishing the M’s would take for the last five years… Granted, it may be coming a bit late (just imagine how a guy like that could have helped the ’01 team) –> btw; isn’t it crazy that we’re now four years removed from that glorious season and ten years removed from that amazing run in ’95?)

    Two: like Dave keeps on saying – have patience!!! The M’s will get it done. I have little or no doubt that when all the dust settles we will have at least two (and realisticly three) of the following: Beltran, Beltre, Sexson, Delgado.

    Patience my friends… it is a virtue.

  13. greenlaw9 on December 14th, 2004 5:13 am

    yeah, sorry about those typos (I REALLY wish there was an edit feature on this blog)….

  14. Rob on December 14th, 2004 7:13 am

    About andy sisco, I believe he has the stuff and potential, but he is to stupid to play professional ball. The kid was an idiot in highschool, he could of done anything. I wouldn’t be suprised if he become the next Josh Hamilton…

  15. Pete on December 14th, 2004 9:46 am


    I think you are right on target with that comment. I know him. …I think he’s a good kid at heart – and is an extremely gifted athlete (could have played college basketball if he really wanted it; could have been a great tight end). But I’m not sure he has the temperment to play under the microscope of the bigs.

  16. The Ancient Mariner on December 14th, 2004 11:36 am

    No, Sexson isn’t the risk we’ve wanted the M’s to take–Beltre is. As medical risks in sports go, Sexson’s right up there with Alonzo Mourning.