WordPress update problems update

DMZ · March 13, 2005 at 5:08 pm · Filed Under Site information 

This post is of no interest unless you’re a WordPress user/admin or, possibly, happen to have helpful knowledge of the system. Or you’re extremely bored and have already read everything on all the cereal boxes in the house.

We’ve got a couple of outstanding issues:
Authors can’t edit other author’s posts, which is bad. There was supposedly a fix for this I found on the support forums… didn’t work.

Authors can’t delete/edit comments that are responses to other author posts. In 1.2, there was a way around this — you could go around, edit the comment, then delete it. Not so in 1.5. At USSM, authors need to be able to edit/delete comments in any thread, preferably from the “edit comments” page.

If you don’t disable plugins first, you’re screwed for plugins, for reasons no one’s explained, and there’s seemingly no way to fix it once you’re in.

Also, I haven’t re-implemented the “comment spammer” question, which has resulted in our first piece of straight comment spam since I used Dave Pease’s contribution.


4 Responses to “WordPress update problems update”

  1. DMZ on March 13th, 2005 5:16 pm

    The way around #1 (authors can’t edit other posts) is that you can go through and delete lines like:

    if (!user_can_edit_post($user_ID, $post_ID, $blog_ID))
    die(‘You are not allowed to edit this post.’);

    but removing the checks entirely seems like a particularly ugly solution.

  2. devil's advocate on March 13th, 2005 7:40 pm

    you need to find where the function user_can_edit_post() is written (search the source code for “function user_can_edit_post”). inside there, it will probably have some SQL to the effect of “select stuff where post_id=$post_ID and author=$user_ID”. you would have to replace it with something that simply checks that $user_ID is the ID of any author.

    i have wp 1.2, haven’t upgraded yet, so i could be just blowing smoke about how to fix it. and i obviously have no actual details, just a vague suggestion. but if you would like help hacking on the source code to fix problems like this, i’m willing to lend a hand.

    of course you could just wait to see if official patches get released.

  3. Harry on March 13th, 2005 8:22 pm

    In case you’re wanting to replace the spam question, I have WP-Gatekeeper 1.5rc1 running on my blog, and it works fine. It isn’t an “answer once and be fine forever” solution, but it does work.

    And Kitten’s Spam Words is good for mass deleting spam and adding the relevant details to your blacklist.

  4. Roger on March 14th, 2005 1:06 am

    Is it any user, or just a small set of admins? If it’s just a set of admin personnel, it should be easy to write a function that does that…Devil’s Advocate has the right idea.