M’s claim Abraham Nunez

Dave · March 31, 2005 at 12:20 pm · Filed Under Mariners 

The M’s have claimed Abraham Nunez off waivers from Kansas City. Nunez will fill the 25th spot on the roster that Dobbs and Santiago were fighting for. Bucky Jacobsen heads to the 60 day DL to clear up a spot on the 40 man roster.

Nunez is a 28-year-old former highly rated prospect who has never put it together. Of course, a lot of his highly ratedness came because of a falsified age, so in hindsight, the fact that he’s failed to live up to expectations isn’t surprising. In 302 major league at-bats, he’s hit .209/.288/.308, which sucks for anyone, but especially a corner outfielder.

His shiny numbers in Triple-A have come in severe hitters parks, so they should be taken with huge grains of salt. Nunez isn’t good, and he’s not going to help us win games. With any luck, he won’t be around long.

Added by Jason: In two other moves, the M’s optioned George Sherrill to Tacoma (boo!) and reassigned Dan Reichert to minor league camp.


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  1. Dave on April 1st, 2005 5:32 am

    Thornton was called, in public, “the biggest disappointment in camp”, by Bill Bavasi.

    Your argument has no legs, Bela. Thornton beat out Sherrill for the spot because George has options left. He won by disqualification. There was nothing performance related about Thornton making the club.

  2. jc on April 1st, 2005 8:18 am

    History has to mean something sherrill has been succesfull everywhere he has been as a mariner….Thorton has never thrown strikes that truly is the end of any argument it really doesnt matter because..i will call my shot maY 2ND Thorton DFA…YEP HE WILL PERFORM HIS WAY OUT

  3. Jon Wells on April 1st, 2005 8:49 am

    Hey, I wanted Thornton to pitch well this spring – I really did. Just like the M’s, I’d like a lefty who throws 95 to work out. I wanted to believe the reports from winter ball that he had found his control. But once the games began it was obvious he still had no command. He’s just not a major league pitcher at this point and might never become good enough to be one (he is 28). But at least he can say he’s one of seven Thornton’s to pitch in the bigs…

  4. Pilots fan on April 1st, 2005 10:19 am

    I think Dave is 1/2 right in #51. Neither pitched well this spring, and both needed to to make the club. When both were equally bad (Sherrill consistently bad and Thornton good when on and really bad when off), Thornton made the team because Sherrill had options left — it was the tie-breaker. I’m disappointed in both of them.

  5. Bela Txadux on April 1st, 2005 7:38 pm

    Awright Dave,

    While I remain in the camp of Pilots fan, #54, you found me your quote so I’ll hold my peace.

  6. Jeff Sullivan on April 2nd, 2005 10:06 pm

    Well, Nunez had a nice stay.

  7. Steve Thornton on April 5th, 2005 5:52 pm

    Abraham Nunez was just bought by the Cardinals from Memphis.

    Now that was a long and storied Mariners career.

  8. ICHIRO on May 6th, 2005 1:03 pm

    u retarted plpl dont u get it or do u not remember the mariner killer last year nunez is the best low contract guy we can get and he has excellent power strong arm and is only gunna get better so if u think nunez is not a good deal off waivers then your retarted