Game Thread, Rainiers vs Rivercats

Dave · September 7, 2005 at 6:20 pm · Filed Under Mariners 

The Tacoma Rainiers host Sacramento in Game 1 of the PCL Pacific Conference Championship tonight, starting at 7:05. You can go here to listen live. They play game two tomorrow and its dollar day, so if you’ve got a hankering for some playoff baseball, head down to Cheney and check it out.

I’m putting up a game thread for anyone who is planning on listening on the ‘net. Go Rainiers.


30 Responses to “Game Thread, Rainiers vs Rivercats”

  1. Jim Thomsen on September 7th, 2005 6:38 pm
  2. Jim Thomsen on September 7th, 2005 7:39 pm

    Anybody remember when Jack Cust was an apocalypto-prospect? Wow.

  3. Jim Thomsen on September 7th, 2005 7:41 pm

    Way to play Billy-Ball there, Rainiers. Let your lead gather plenty of Moss.

  4. JasonAChurchill on September 7th, 2005 7:43 pm

    3-1 Tacoma after an inning and a half.

    Did anyone catch Curto’s call of Asdrubal Cabrera’s bare-handed stab and throw in the first?

  5. Jim Thomsen on September 7th, 2005 7:45 pm

    I think when the term “Quad-A Player” becomes an entry into a future edition of a Webster’s dictionary, Hiram Bocachica’s name should go next to it.

  6. Jim Thomsen on September 7th, 2005 7:46 pm

    Actually, Jermaine Clark would be even more appropriate.

  7. Jim Thomsen on September 7th, 2005 7:54 pm

    Jason, I just noticed you’ve been stringing some Rainiers games for The News Tribune. How did you bag that gig?

  8. Jim Thomsen on September 7th, 2005 7:56 pm

    It seems clear that Damian Moss has no place on a major-league roster.

  9. JasonAChurchill on September 7th, 2005 7:59 pm

    Moss can’t stop walking guys, though he’s been better lately.

    re: TNT — I have strung for them before, preps and college and since I’m at the games for ITP anyways… might as well make a buck.

    Doubled up this weekend for the Sacbee, too.

  10. J on September 7th, 2005 8:00 pm

    Sportsjuice is having trouble with their format, but you can still listen here:

  11. msb on September 7th, 2005 8:02 pm

    yeehaw! first time I’ve tuned in 850 since I moved, and the reception is MUCH clearer… don’t have to get out the tinfoil & rabbit-ears…

  12. Jim Thomsen on September 7th, 2005 8:04 pm

    Bobby Smith … is that the same player who was with the Devil Rays years ago? One of their first busted prospects?

  13. JasonAChurchill on September 7th, 2005 8:10 pm

    Yeah, that is the same Bobby Smith. Originally a Braves spect.

  14. Alex on September 7th, 2005 8:16 pm

    #13 – Did you happen to go to high school in Tacoma? Class of ’92? Drop me a line if you’re who I think you are. I’d love to hear from ya.. the email address is hpy_gilmore8 at yahoo dot com

  15. JasonAChurchill on September 7th, 2005 8:28 pm

    Moss isn’t looking half bad. Just the one walk and four hits thru 4.2 as I type.

    But he always has one inning where he can’t throw the baseball anywhere near home plate.

  16. Jim Thomsen on September 7th, 2005 8:40 pm

    Does that remind us of anybody?

  17. JMB on September 7th, 2005 8:44 pm

    Half the staff?

  18. JasonAChurchill on September 7th, 2005 8:49 pm

    And here it is… that inning. Two hits, sharply struck, a walk, and a Sac Fly to make it 3-2.

    He did make a few good pitches to get the two outs after the sacks were juiced with nobody out.

    Heaverlo in.

    Moss goes 5.2 6H 2 ER (so far), 2 BB, 4 K

  19. msb on September 7th, 2005 8:52 pm

    when Curto says’ ‘that just missed’, do we assume it means ‘the ump is squeezing him’, that it was a Rizzy/Uecker ‘juuuuust a bit outside’ or in fact ‘that just missed’?

  20. JasonAChurchill on September 7th, 2005 9:06 pm

    If Curto says it just missed, it probably JUST MISSED.

  21. Jim Thomsen on September 7th, 2005 10:05 pm

    One lively thread. One sucktastic game.

  22. Aboba on September 8th, 2005 12:32 am

    There were several bizarre aspects to this game.

    First, because the Mariners called up Santiago, the Rainers had to start Asdrubal Cabrera at SS, and Hunter Brown at 2B. Hunter Brown ordinarily plays 3B, and is awkward at 2nd base at best, resulting in at least two singles that would have been an out with say, Betancourt.

    Secondly, Rene Rivera started behind the plate and had two passed balls in the first inning alone. Since Wiki Gonzalez was in the lineup at DH anyway, why didn’t they start Wiki at catcher and let Rivera DH?

    Is Rifkin really as bad a first baseman as he appears to be? He’s made an error in each of the last two games I’ve seen him play there.

    In retrospect, it was not a great idea to bring in Heaverlo merely because Gregorio bats right-handed. He only has a .326 OBP, and
    Baker had been getting the majority of the playing time behind the plate. So why did Rohm think the River Cats wouldn’t pinch hit Baker for Gregorio? In any case, Heaverlo has an ERA of 4.61, and Moss had an ERA of 3.73 going into the game. How much worse could things have gotten leaving Moss in the game?

    BTW, was I missing something or does Moss have very little movement on his pitches, aside from the occasional circle changeup?

    When TJ Bohn was thrown out of the game, I believe Rohn put Garciaparra at 2nd, moved Hunter Brown to 3B, put Leone in RF, and then moved Nunez to CF.

  23. DMZ on September 8th, 2005 1:41 am

    The box score

    Yeah, weird game.

  24. Matt on September 8th, 2005 9:37 am

    When did Garciaparra get to Tacoma? I must’ve missed that.

  25. Benno on September 8th, 2005 10:11 am

    This is off topic, but I was wondering what a good spread between Batting Average and OBP would be for a hitter? Obviously, Sexson being +100 helps out greatly, even though his Avg is in the 250-260 range. Beltre at +40 doesn’t look so good, being in the same range. Or is this something that doesn’t play much? What about minor league differences? Thanks!

  26. Evan on September 8th, 2005 10:21 am

    That you recognise its off-topic is usually a bad sign.

    It depends what the player’s other skills are (is he a high BA guy? does he hit for a lot of power?), but I usually like to see a gap of 80+.

    However, what’s much more useful is the actual OBP value. If a guy posts an OBP of .380, I don’t really care if walks make up 5% of that or 30% of that (though the bigger the walk percentage the more stable the OBP going forward, given the volatility of batting average).

  27. Benno on September 8th, 2005 10:55 am

    Is there any research into this variance and age? It seems like for some players (Frank Thomas, Scott Hatteberg), that they have been able to post high OBP from a young age, and for others they get never seem to get it.

    Ichiro doesn’t have the patience to take a walk, and has admitted as much. Sexson’s spread gives me hope that he can be productive for the length of his contract, so long as he remains healthy. Or is this year a statistical anomaly? How about Beltre?

  28. Adam on September 8th, 2005 10:57 am

    Why was Santiago called up? Is it because of Morse’s suspension?

  29. msb on September 8th, 2005 11:19 am

    JasonAChurchill said: “If Curto says it just missed, it probably JUST MISSED. ”

    that’s what I thought.

  30. Terry Benish on September 8th, 2005 5:34 pm

    I skipped school in the fall of 9th grad year to see Frank Howard
    and the Senators play the Pilots…Gene Brabender fooled Big Hondo with a breaking pitch and he was out on his front foot and one handed a line drive that Ray Oyler jumped for that went off the left center field wall and broke one of the two by fours in the wall. The game had to be stopped so that a piece of plywood good be nailed over the caved in spot. Howard only got a single…

    I saw Wilbur Wood win both games of a double header against th Pilots at Sick’s stadium as a reliever…

    During bp I saw Harmon Killebrew hit several balls out to left that cleared the road behind and embedded themselves in the dirt garden on top of the hill…easily 500+ feet. he was 5’9″ and 250 pounds.