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DMZ · December 15, 2005 at 10:10 am · Filed Under Site information 

I’ve deleted 100 comments easily in the last couple of days. I know the other authors have done some policing as well. Some get notes, a lot just go disappear like a thief in a mazy of twisty passages, all alike. This has generated some complaints and a lot of numbering drift at times, and so I’d like to say this:
Maybe 5% were unreasonably foul, error-filled, or obscene
5% were pro/anti-religion (or bait for such), which, like several other topics, lead to huge flame wars
90% were of the “you [supporters/haters] are all [stupid/blind/moralists/apologists] whatever].” And that doesn’t fly*. Some of it’s survived, either because there’s some reasonable thought behind it (“I think one of the reasons we’re disappointed is we wanted more…”) and some of it because we’re unpaid.

I’ll spare everyone my standard self-flogging (ooooh it sucks to have to delete each one blah blah blah) and just say: the disclaimer by the submit button’s there for a reason. And as always, if you’ve got complaints about the way the site’s run, please email us.

It is my hope that having pretty made the case for not signing Everett, and said that I think it’s a terrible signing, we can move on to things that actually make us happy, and if that has to be kittens, baby pandas, and other things cute, well… okay.

* and yes, I know I say this as someone who once rabidly accussed Ichiro RoY opponents who argued against Japanese candidates of being xenophobes. It’s been a long path.


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