Opening day starter: not Felix

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From the Everett Herald:

“To keep him healthy, we’re going to have to monitor his innings,” Hargrove said. “I can tell you he will not be the opening-day starter. If he were 23 years old, he probably would be.”

Okay, sure, then… who?

“We have some legitimate candidates,” Hargrove said, being as vague as usual. “Jamie Moyer, Jarrod Washburn, Joel Pineiro. I’ll probably have a pretty good idea who it will be the second week of camp, but I won’t announce anything until the last week.”

Washburn… sure. If you’re going to pay a #4 guy #1 money, why not pitch him #1, right? Take that beater to the car show, whatever.

But Pineiro? What?


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  1. Jim Thomsen on January 6th, 2006 6:44 pm

    Oh, wait … from the non-tendered list, there’s:

    Josh Fogg
    Tyler Yates
    Wayne Franklin

    Hoo boy.

  2. Mr. Egaas on January 6th, 2006 6:51 pm

    Wayne Franklin? Tell me he’s from Spiro. Ink him up!

  3. Jim Thomsen on January 6th, 2006 7:00 pm

    Wilmington, Delaware, sorry.

    You have to admire a pitcher who’s so consistent that he produced a 6.39 ERA in each of the past two seasons, though. “Consistency,” after all, is the other Franklin’s big calling card.

  4. Mr. Egaas on January 6th, 2006 7:55 pm

    Speak too loudly, and the team may take a flier on Jose Lima. Let’s keep this on the down-low.

  5. Jim Thomsen on January 6th, 2006 7:57 pm

    There’s a reason I left him off the list. Only a damn fool would waste a millisecond of organizational time on Jose Lima.

  6. ray on January 6th, 2006 8:07 pm

    Phew! Finally got my password. First some off topics (then on topic stuff.
    Off-topic: I would have put this in much earlier put I didn’t get my password till now — weeks later — probably due to some (my) email/computer glitch. Anyway, there was a an thread of week(s) past about Ichiro acting debut. Some posters mentioned they’d like to see it. I taped it and burned it to a DVD. If someone with a web page (I don’t have) wants to post it, I’ll send them the DVD. BTW, I give his acting 3 out 5 stars: not great, but not bad for a first time.

    On topic: I think it’s obvious that Moyer will get it. He has seniority, was, overall (considering start of season), the better pitcher of the staff, is entrenched in the community and the fans’ hearts. As for Washburn, I hope he pitches as little as possible in Angels Stadium because I heard he did poorly there. So, this rotation really needs to set a schedule to maximze Moyer at home, Felix’s IP limits, and Wasburn’s avoidance of Angels Stadium. Good Luck Grover!

  7. joealb on January 7th, 2006 1:00 am

    I just can’t see Washburn or Meche starting 33 games. Moyer 30, The King 30, Piniero 32, Washburn 26, and Meche 25. That means the M’s will need 2 spot starters. The odds of these guys missing there starts when it lines up for one guy tp spot all season is pretty slim. Kevin Brown if he comes cheap is looking pretty good….

  8. terry on January 7th, 2006 7:32 am

    #14 Ya, since *we* agreed,its unfathomable that hargrove isnt honoring it…..

  9. terry on January 7th, 2006 7:42 am

    #12, clearly winning opening day is critical to a successful season….if the M’s wouldnt have won opening day last year they wouldnt have finished nearly as high in their division as they did…

    Here’s a haiku for the rotation:

    ground ball to Bettie,
    Kip Wells will be a hero,
    ground ball to Beltre.

  10. Baseline on January 7th, 2006 10:49 am

    I’d have to agree. I wish I still had the reference some where..but the M’s have led the league in arm injurys to thier pitchers at all levels of play. But *shrug* I can’t find the source…so take it for what it’s worth..wich really is nothing. lol

  11. Jeff on January 7th, 2006 10:53 am

    Perhaps you’re thinking of The Attrition War?

  12. Baseline on January 7th, 2006 11:21 am

    Jeff – That would be it. I knew I had seen it some where…but it had been a while.


  13. Dave in Palo Alto on January 7th, 2006 11:23 am

    Looks like the M’s may not have to worry about Felix blowing out his arm under the colors of Venezuela because the Bushies are killing the World Baseball tourney by insisting on excluding Cuba. Not that Cuba hasn’t fielded teams in the U.S. for decades.

    If there is a more pointless public policy than the embargo, I can’t see it. Well, maybe banning Medicare from negotiating discounts from drug companies.

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