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Dave · March 7, 2006 at 7:29 pm · Filed Under Mariners 

As a heads up, so we don’t have people complaining that we didn’t give them enough notice; Sunday, April 2nd, we’re having another USSM get together. Derek, Jason, Jeff, and I will all be in town, and barring Jeff getting any more communicable diseases, we’ll be hosting yet another awesome shindig at a really cool location with a pretty sweet special guest.

So, yea, that’s all the information you get right now. Stay tuned for more details, but April 2nd, you’re going to want to be available.


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  1. pensive on March 7th, 2006 8:21 pm

    Daylight savings time begins on the 2nd. Do libations begin an hour earlier?

    Had it been posted that the date was the 1st and and limited to nine lucky folks plus authors one could imply they won the Moyer auction featuring Ichiro and meal prepared by his favorite chief (Jason?).

  2. JMB on March 7th, 2006 11:02 pm

    This reminds me of the Snickers commercial, where the groundskeeper for Kansas City’s football team is very proud of the work he’s done, painting the team’s name in the endzone. A player walks by and says, “That’s great, but who are the Chefs?”

  3. pensive on March 7th, 2006 11:53 pm

    JMB–That was for your enjoyment. Luckily you came up with an enjoyable example rather than deserved lashing. Thanks

  4. Gunga on March 8th, 2006 12:39 am

    A shindig! Wonderful. Shall we wear brown coats and/or other attire appropriate to the occasion, or is this the wrong crowd for that?

    Either way, save me a space. Sounds great, although after the last get together, I may view any statements made by the “special guest” with a somewhat more jaundiced eye.

    Does Jason do Thai?

  5. zzyzx on March 8th, 2006 5:06 am

    Evening, I hope?

  6. Dave on March 8th, 2006 5:39 am

    My guess would be early afternoon, but we won’t have the time nailed down for a little while.

  7. zzyzx on March 8th, 2006 6:41 am

    Fingers crossed that I can both go to this and a thingie that I want to see at Qwest…

  8. Graham on March 8th, 2006 9:16 am

    Wow, a USSM meet when I’m actually in the States? Woo!

  9. Steve T on March 8th, 2006 2:23 pm

    Zyzzx: comics geek. You’re outed, dude!

    I don’t get the brown coat comment, but that’s OK. Gosh, I hope the pretty sweet guest is Lindsey Lohan or, ooh, ooh, Mary-Kate ‘n’ Ashley! Oh wait, baseball.

  10. Deanna on March 8th, 2006 3:24 pm

    (insert joke here about the special guest being David J. Corcoran)

  11. Dave on March 8th, 2006 3:47 pm

    That’s it Deanna, you’re uninvited. And that’s the last time we let in on our secrets.

  12. Jeff Nye on March 8th, 2006 4:32 pm

    Hopefully I’ll be done moving by then and will be available (yay moving).

    I’m taking the whole first week of April off, hoping to get seats for Opening Day and what should be King Felix’s first start. Bumming around the rest of it!

  13. Oly Rainiers Fan on March 8th, 2006 5:29 pm

    The day after the Mariners-Rainiers game, wherein we can discuss which of the two is the better team. Nice.

  14. David J. Corcoran on March 8th, 2006 7:51 pm

    Rest Assured, Deanna, that April 2nd…hmmm…can’t. I already have plane tickets to Phoenix for ST and I come back on the 2nd, but those may be changed for tickets to Columbus OH depending on personal circumstances. But no matter how you cut it, I won’t be in Seattle.

  15. David J. Corcoran on March 8th, 2006 7:59 pm

    Also- because I will likely be living in Tacoma by August of this year, I will be available to be a special guest at any and all functions. Corco makes a great guest speaker and VIP for all functions, even those not baseball related!

  16. Dave on March 8th, 2006 8:32 pm

    There’s probably an 80 percent chance that he believes that to be true, which makes it even funnier.

  17. pensive on March 9th, 2006 12:48 am

    Now know your estimates are conservative as for fun one has checked Corco’s blog it would be more like 96 per cent..

    Where is Mr Thompson?

  18. zzyzx on March 9th, 2006 5:29 am

    9 – I was being vague but didn’t mind leaving the clue. Kurt Busiek is speaking. I don’t want to miss that.

  19. David J. Corcoran on March 9th, 2006 5:56 am

    I absolutely do not believe it to be true.

  20. PositivePaul on March 9th, 2006 9:46 am

    Cool! Corco’s going to live around the corner from Cheney.

  21. Evan on March 9th, 2006 10:09 am

    Tacoma. Right in the lahar path. Good choice.

  22. David J. Corcoran on March 9th, 2006 10:22 am

    hey, if I blow up I’ve lived a nice life. And yes, plan to get season tickets to Cheney.

  23. Jeff Nye on March 9th, 2006 10:37 am

    Tickets for opening day booked!

  24. Evan on March 9th, 2006 11:06 am

    Hey, I can clearly see Mount Baker from my balcony. And, based on the topography, I think Federal Way is in bigger trouble. And a big subduction quake poses a much greater risk to us all, anyway.

  25. eponymous coward on March 9th, 2006 11:36 am

    So if Corco’s the Kibo of USSM, does that mean we need an alt.religion.corcology?

  26. David J. Corcoran on March 9th, 2006 1:02 pm

    Corco doesn’t use machines to assist in posting, and is therefore better than Kibo.

  27. Deanna on March 9th, 2006 1:40 pm

    I was about to suggest that Corco is really just a Turing machine powered by the traffic lights in McCall, Idaho. Hmm.

  28. Evan on March 9th, 2006 1:42 pm

    A pre-cognitive Turing machine, apparently.

  29. DMZ on March 9th, 2006 1:43 pm

    There are traffic lights in McCall?

  30. David J. Corcoran on March 9th, 2006 1:58 pm

    2 traffic lights. One at Deinhard and 55 coming into town, and one at Mission and 55 coming out of town.

  31. DMZ on March 9th, 2006 2:01 pm

    Whew. I was worried that was going to keep me up at night. Turns out I didn’t have to wait more than a quarter-hour. Thank goodness there’s someone I can turn to for my McCall, Idaho traffic questions.

  32. David J. Corcoran on March 9th, 2006 2:27 pm

    Corco knows Boise/Eagle/Meridian/Ada County Except Kuna traffic like the back of his hand too!

  33. DMZ on March 9th, 2006 2:49 pm

    If only you had some sort of clothing that identified you as an expert on these matters, for the convenience of passer-by and such.

  34. David J. Corcoran on March 9th, 2006 3:04 pm

    I emailed you my address, but it never arrived.

  35. DMZ on March 9th, 2006 3:38 pm

    CafePress takes forever to produce-and-mail. March 6th (!)

    Hi from!

    We have shipped your package to:

    David J Corcoran


  36. David J. Corcoran on March 9th, 2006 3:44 pm

    oh wow! Well, thank you very much DMZ. I am forever obliged.

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