Stone on sinking Mariner ship

DMZ · June 1, 2006 at 2:01 am · Filed Under Mariners 

Larry Stone’s latest column is what I’d say if I didn’t rant about this stuff every day. It’s a brutal summary of the state of the team and what it’s like to follow them.

The series against the Twins was about as bad as it gets, an incredible series of gaffes that would have been laughable if the mistakes weren’t so maddening. And I’ve never, in my 10 years here, seen anywhere close to the level of anger that exists now over the Mariners among their fan base.

They have, in fact, reached that dangerous stage where disgust segues into apathy. Just check out all the empty seats Friday when the Mariners open a series against the pathetic Royals — the rare franchise that makes them seem astute and prosperous in comparison.

I could have picked nearly any two paragraphs out of this article and it would have made a nice excerpt.

Also mentions Hargrove’s job woes and Rohn as a likely interim manager.


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  1. Ralph Malph on June 2nd, 2006 9:50 am

    Also you think Bavasi would be at least a little nice. My family was at the movie theater last year and we saw him. We said hi but then he just says hi quickly and says quietly to his wife “Lets go” and they started walking faster than Sexson runs into the theater. >

    I just really, really hate this sort of comment. It’s not about you! Maybe his wife wasn’t feeling well and wanted to sit down. Maybe you were the 43rd person in a row who wanted to talk to him about the Mariners. Maybe the movie had already started. Maybe you smelled bad. Maybe I don’t really care whether he wanted to shoot the breeze with you in the movie theater lobby.

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