Game 98, Red Sox at Mariners

Dave · July 23, 2006 at 1:30 pm · Filed Under Mariners 

Jon Lester vs Jarrod Washburn.

Lester’s local and has a good arm, but he’s not throwing strikes regularly since showing up in the majors, so the M’s would do well to work the count and get to the Sox bullpen early.

No Carl Everett today – huzzah!


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  1. dirk on July 24th, 2006 10:54 am

    The pitch to Varitek was a slider on the inside half.

  2. LB on July 24th, 2006 11:45 am

    #448 (and #451): Now, I was listening on the radio so I don’t know where JJ threw the fastball that Varitek took deep.

    As dirk said, it was a slider, and I cannot imagine what scouting report the M’s had that said you should throw an offspeed pitch to Tek. All you had to do was watch Washburn K the guy on high hard stuff early in the game to know that was a good plan and that they should stick with it. Tek is a 34 year old catcher. His bat is slowing down.

  3. LB on July 24th, 2006 11:54 am

    #445: Don’t forget Manny’s sliding kick save of the ball hit by Johjima. Manny probably thought he was in the World Cup for a second.

    Sure, and Mr. Adam Jones had an awful sixth inning in the outfield, too. Do you think the M’s could borrow that tape of circus music to play for him?

    Manny Ramirez is going to the Hall of Fame, and very likely on the first ballot. Clown, indeed.

  4. mln on July 24th, 2006 3:20 pm

    re: 453.

    You a Red Sox fan or something? You’re a little oversensitive about Manny’s “defense,” aren’t you?

  5. LB on July 24th, 2006 10:55 pm

    Funny you should ask. Actually, I’m an M’s season ticketholder since before Safeco opened. How are those credentials for you?

  6. mln on July 25th, 2006 2:05 pm

    You may be a Mariners’ ticketholder, but you act like a Red Sox fanboy. 😉

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