Broussard news catch-up

DMZ · July 26, 2006 at 2:14 pm · Filed Under Mariners 

Choo’s been traded to the Indians for Ben Broussard. Team link.

First story I think that mentioned the M’s have now bought both halves of the Indians platoon.

Doyle for Everett would have been a nice, if overdue move, especially since it would mean that you could put Doyle in LF and DH Ibanez, which would help out on the defense, too, but if they’re going to play Broussard at DH v RHP, then Doyle’s not going to get playing time, and he’ll probably go back to Tacoma so he can get his swings in. Bavasi’s not going to have our boy up if he’s not going to play.

An interesting possibility is that Broussard means a Sexson move is more likely, which if true… wow.

Also, as Jim Thomsen notes, “We get, in my opinion, the best musician in baseball. Broussard is a great guitarist who writes quality songs.” Enjoy the musical stylings of Broussard at his site.


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