USSM Year-end Best-of: July 2006

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7-2: Dave says it’s time to move Ichiro to centerfield.

I loved my “Ichiro clips on YouTube” but MLBAM went through and cease-and-desisted them all. Thanks, MLBAM.

7-3: Jeff versus John McGrath in “McGrath: Ichiro Crippled Reed, Cost Mariners Share of First Place

7-6: Dave’s “What I would do” ideas for improving the roster.

7-8: Worst outfield of the year.

7-11: Mariner trade value. Followed by 7-20’s: ranking of trade values within the AL West.

7-12: The promotion of Adam Jones.

7-15: It’s worth thinking about changing Safeco Field’s dimensions.

7-16: Hargrove’s bullpen management gets called “Brutal” by Dave

Mike Hargrove is the in-game strategist equivalent of General Custer. I, for one, can’t wait for the last stand.

And in the Game 92 thread, Hargrove’s blind spot for Everett is compared to his intolerance for Choo.

7-17: Mid-season review of 2006’s free agent pitchers.

7-18: Dave’s tying up loose ends post manages to hash on trading for Soriano, discuss buidling a bullpen, and lament the futility of mid-July Carl Everett before hitting the halfway mark.

7-21: “Buyers or Sellers: Why Choose?” Dave argues for a dramatic re-shaping of the team’s roster mid-season.

7-23: Dave breaks down Beltre’s hitting thus far.

7-25: Noah Barker.

7-26: Not a particularly great post, but it contained the news that Everett was DFA and Snelling was joining the team.

7-29: Credit Where It’s Due – Hargrove makes a good bullpen decision! YAYY


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  1. phil333 on December 30th, 2006 1:52 pm

    What ever happened with changing the field dimensions? That seemed like a given after last year.

  2. xbx on December 31st, 2006 7:47 pm

    Trade Value:
    “things look good in Seattle and Anaheim, and not quite as hot in Oakland or Texas.”

    Things WILL look good in Seattle when you put Jose “.300 career OBP” Lopez above Harden, Wood, Weaver, Swisher…

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