USSM Year-end Best-of: May 2006

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5-3: Bloomquist and Lopez discuss Bloomquist being on fire

5-4: Why the players’ union should support the minor league umpires’ strike

5-10: Doyle Day

5-15: Photos from Tacoma, including ex-Mariner Snelling and the insane Diamond Dig. Game report from same.

A kid did a sweep-the-bases thing and after he was done, he brushed off the umpire’s feet, and the ump gave him a ball. Implied message: do as you’re told and debase yourself to authority, and you’ll be rewarded.

5-25: Why Albert Pujols will break the single-seaon home run record

Pujols’ hot start makes a run at the title possible, and unless we see a dramatic shift in sentiment, he’ll be given every opportunity teams can spare to make sure his path is clear.

Pujols, of course, got injured and missed a little time, but you essentially can’t miss any time and challenge a season hitting record.

5-28: Just jaw-droppingly horrible. Dave tears into Hargrove over a particularly, even for Hargrove, bad game.

The “Charting Felix” series started in May: on 5-17, the beginning. 5-22 (pitch variation, more changes, please). 5-26: Charting Felix against the Twins: see Felix succeed and fail with his pitch selection


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  1. Tek Jansen on December 29th, 2006 9:09 am

    I remember listening to the “jaw-droppingly horrible” game on the radio. Hargrove worked really hard to blow that game. It was maddening.

  2. C. Joseph on December 29th, 2006 10:26 pm

    “ex-Mariner Snelling”

    Sad now.

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