USSM Year-end Best-of: October 2006

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10-1: The first version of Dave’s 2006 off-season plan. Manny the DH! Edmonds in left field!

10-3: Jeff semi-live-blogs from the Twins playoff game.

10-8: A preview of what would happen if this Daisuke Matsuzaka guy posted.

The only thing we can know for certain is that if he posts, it’s going to get crazy.

10-11: Why losing Cruceta is not only bad, but symptomatic.

10-13: Unethical!!!!!

10-18: Dave offers recommended blogs for other teams.

10-20: I go through the matchups and write about why the Tigers should win the World Series. Heh.

during the playoff posts and comment threads I repeatedly said that I figured whoever came out of the NL was likely to be cannon fodder to the AL, and I’ve kept at it, writing that either the Cardinals or Mets were going to be mowed down by the Tigers.

Why, in a short series, would I be so certain about that? That’s a good point – in seven games, the chances the better team wins aren’t all that great anyway. I was being cavalier about it. But here’s my thinking.

Then, weirdly, it’s just a line that says “DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”

Anyway, having written some Playoff Prospectus articles at BP, I know how the drill works: you make a call and if you’re wrong, you get the mockery, even if you show your work and your reasoning was good. So be it.

10-23: A brief essay on Kenny Rogers cheating with pine tar in the World Series, by the author of “The Cheater’s Guide to Baseball“.

10-22: How the way the new CBA’s negotiations went is good news. Then, Dave on the new CBA’s rules.

10-26: Why the M’s decision not to pursue Matsuzaka but go after a corner outfielder doesn’t make sense.

A brief discussion of how to best arrange the Tigers rotation. The solution differs greatly from Leyland’s.

10/28 Roster Management and why it’s important

10-30: the first post on free-agency insanity.

If a few general managers get together and decide that a 4 win player like Alfonso Soriano is worth $16 million per season, that doesn’t establish his actual value – it establishes that they suck at their jobs.

We’ll return to this topic, as you’ll see.


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