USSM Year-end Best-of: September 2006

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September was all Dave, all the time.

9-1: In a pointer to a really great article about Ichiro and Johjima. Dave:

Ichiro is disliked by most of the American media who follows the team around on a regular basis. Perhaps they should all spend more time with Brad Lefton and learn about why he does some of the things he does, rather than ascribing arrogance and aloofness to him because he’s not like the kids from Texas.

9-8: Generally, I’ve skipped the Big Board/Future Forty updates, but Dave’s post here talks about how the M’s aggressive promotion policy for hitters is hurting their development.

9-10: Are long-term contracts to pitchers ever worth it? Dave reviews recent signings with interesting results. I’m going to quote part of the ending, because it’s awesome:

It’s easy to look at what a pitcher like Barry Zito or Jason Schmidt is right now and say “do whatever it takes to sign him”, thinking you’re getting a pitcher who will anchor your rotation for years to come. We have to remember, though, that guys like Mike Hampton, Tim Hudson, Javier Vazquez, Carl Pavano, Chan Ho Park, and Bartolo Colon were looked at the same way. These guys were Cy Young winners, established playoff heroes, perenniel all-stars, and the best pitchers of their time.

By the years you hit free agency, however, your time is usually running short, and your best days are often behind you. Making a 4+ year commitment to a starting pitcher who has already been worked hard is rarely a good idea.

9-12: Dave, in one of the more succinct bits of analysis all year, compares Washburn 05 and 06.

9-14: Game 146’s intro includes a really good writeup about Odalis Perez.

9-18: Dave reviews his own offseason plan, using the “Dave’s a Genius” and “Dave’s an Idiot” classifications

9-20: Steve Kelley, awful sportswriter, taken apart by Dave, annoyed USSM author.

9-21: Jake Woods, Litmus Test.

Jake Woods is a litmus test. An organization that understands pitching would trade him this offseason. We’ll see if the Mariners are up to the challenge.

9-23: Your guide to Everett alternatives, revisited. I always like to return to previous discussions and see what we can learn from them. Here, it’s interesting to look back at the names being thrown around were and see who did well and who didn’t.

9-24: Dave talks about the cost of the team, and how payroll restrictions meant the M’s certainly weren’t going to sign two quality starters.

9-26: Is the lack of criticism of Carlos Garcia a sign that he’s really good, or that the team’s horrible and we’re focused on other issues?

9-27: In talking about the PI’s Andriesen’s off-season plan, Dave looks ahead to the off-season.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want Daisuke Matsuzaka. It’s like asking kids if they want pie.

9-28: The extra-snarky commentary on the M’s after-season letter to season ticket holders.

Dave points to Angel Guzman as a potential undervalued pitcher.

9-30: what were the strong positives of the season?


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