Quick message for USSM Server Fund contributors

DMZ · April 5, 2007 at 9:23 pm · Filed Under Off-topic ranting, Site information 

Hey, if you made a donation either in round 1 or round 2, I have a note for you.

I was going to email everyone individually, but it turns out that’s a little harder than it looks, so please excuse this coming as a post here, and not to your inbox.

This is right about the point where buying our own server, though it ran us a good chunk of money, breaks even over renting a comparable box. Had everyone not been so generous, and so quick, to help out, this would be the point where we engaged in monthly pledge drives, if we hadn’t already started to run ticket scalper ads all over the place, or just gone dark.

Combined with digital forest‘s inexplicable generosity (please! someone buy hosting from them and drop our name), USSM’s chugging along just fine. So this is a great moment for you, and us — and thanks again for your support back when we really needed it.


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