Game 19, Royals at Mariners

Dave · April 28, 2007 at 5:35 pm · Filed Under Mariners 

Meche vs Weaver, 6:05 pm.

The M’s are exactly the kind of team Meche should thrive against, since they’ll chase his breaking ball out of the zone and not make him work deep into counts and run up his pitch count. The Royals are exactly the kind of team Weaver should thrive against because they only have two or three major league hitters in their line-up.

Toss in Safeco Field, and I have a feeling we’re going to have a low scoring affair that is decided by the bullpens. And I’ll be stunned if we don’t see Julio Mateo in tonight’s game. Never mind, Jeff Weaver still blows.


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  1. Joe Bag o' Doughnuts on April 29th, 2007 10:19 am

    From BTF:

    Jeff Weaver’s Opponents OPS: 1340.
    Barry Bonds’ OPS: 1347

    Weaver turns his opponents into Barry Bonds.

  2. msb on April 29th, 2007 10:41 am

    Grover believes that the only way to get a player like Sexson out of a slump is to play him every day. When asked questions like this in the past, Grover has always said that it would not help the player to sit him for a game or more.

    fwiw, he is far from the only manager/coach who believes that.

  3. IdahoInvader on April 29th, 2007 11:48 am


    Beltre has so much talent, yet refuses to go up to the plate with any sort of coherent approach. There are little things even a struggling (as he ALWAYS seems to be early in the year) hitter can do regarding simple siutational hitting. Things he doesn’t do consistently. Like hitting it to the right side with a runner on second & no outs or even hitting a simple sac fly, instead of flailing at pitches well out of the strike zone leading to strikeouts.

    I’ve heard various excuses justifying his struggles. So I’m well aware I’m probably in the minority thinking he’s one of the problems of our mediocre offense just as often as he is one of the alleged solutions. I think for the superstar contract he signed, he should be expected to contribute more than Lopez, Vidro, Kenji and Raul…not less.

    His first year and a half were sure nothing special, but he was great in the second half last year. I guess I’m disappointed that we’re seeing him regress back to that first year and a half type of hitting for who knows how long.

    Oh well…at least he looks better than Sexson right now.

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