Patches. Patches welcome.

DMZ · May 11, 2007 at 2:52 pm · Filed Under Site information 

Known issues I’m working on are in that box on the upper-right. If you have a complaint, right know we’re offering two choices:
Patches welcome
– Say nothing until the to-do list is complete

A patch is a fix. Anything that doesn’t include a fix is not, right now, welcome.

Here’s what that means: let’s say you hate, hate, hate the new template, and you send me an email that says “I hate the fact that the titles are blue, they should be military grey, or ocean grey, or some grey.” At some point, if I have a chance between reading the other 90 emails on this stuff, this will cause me to stop and grind my teeth a little. Or you comment in a thread that you don’t like thing x, which may well be on that to-do list. Equally annoying. We’re trying to get things fixed, and that is not at all helpful in any way.

Actual assistance, though, is quite valuable. We need patches, actual ways to fix things. We do not need suggestions at this point, no matter what your background or what degrees you have or self-assessed opinion value may be, and if that sounds like I’m a little snippy because I’ve gotten a lot of these, it’s because this gets really old really fast. If you send an email that says “Hey, to get the banner right, set attribute whatever to value whatever” it’ll get fixed, and probably pretty fast. If you want it changed to ocean grey or military grey or back to ocean grey, and someone else sends me an actual fix that turns it orange, they win.

Also, see the previous post on this.

But really: patches are welcome. If you’re not coming to us with a problem and a solution, you’re contributing to the problem and actively keeping us from solutions. Stop.


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