Game 112, Mariners at Orioles

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Ramirez vs Cabrera, 4:05 pm.

So, the line-up is today’s story, as it’s essentially a rehash of the one they ran out there on Sunday against Josh Beckett.

The good: Adam Jones in left! Ben Broussard at first!
The bad: Jose Vidro at second! Raul Ibanez hitting cleanup!

The M’s vastly improve their outfield defense by sticking Jones in left… and then give it all right back by putting Vidro at second. Turbo should never take the field in any scenario that doesn’t involve an 18 inning game and multiple injuries. He’s that bad defensively. The Lopez-Vidro downgrade might actually be larger than the Ibanez-Jones upgrade. Despite Adam Jones being in the line-up, the defense isn’t any better, and we’re throwing a contact pitcher who has been destroyed outside of Safeco. That’s not good.

Look, obviously, we’re all happy that Adam Jones is playing today, and this might be the best offense the M’s have put on the field this year. But they’re still punting defense behind a guy who needs defense to succeed.

Let’s hope AJ has a huge night offensively and Turbo makes a few painful defensive plays that don’t cost us any runs but highlight his inability to field, allowing future line-ups that include Adam Jones to also include Jose Lopez. Hitting or not, the M’s need Lopez playing second base, especially if the alternative is sticking the potted plant known as Turbo out there.


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  1. alehouserox on August 10th, 2007 10:41 am

    First time poster – Look at me!!

    Anybody catch the article by Dayn Perry – Stats 101: Baseball’s worst hitters? If not, see it here (

    That’s right, Big Sexy is his 1B of choice!! Way to go Richie, making us proud!!

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