A couple of six game winning streaks

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“All the Mariners need to get back in this is a couple of six game winning streaks.”
— fans

The M’s are 16-26, and the division leaders in the AL West are 24-19 and 23-19 respectively. That’s only eight games, right? How hard could it be?

M’s run off a six-game win streak starting tomorrow, sweeping both San Diego and Detroit. 22-26. Then they lose one to NY and start another six-game win streak (through the first game of the Detroit series at home). They’re at 28-27. Lose a game to Detroit on the 31st to set up the next win streak (28-28), win the first one of the next six (June 1st, still against Detroit) before they face the Angels.

The Angels, in the meantime, have fifteen games in that time. Figure they go 8-7. They’ll be at 32-26. Going into that series, having reeled off two consecutive six-game winning streaks and starting on a third, the M’s are 5 games back. And forgive me if I’ve blown this, I wrote it up while swapping back and forth between schedules.

Sweep three games against the Angels for games 2-4 of this streak.

M’s 31-28, Angels 32-29. Complete the six game win streak with two games in Boston, finish it with a loss, and June 9th they’re headed out to Toronto, 33-29, as the Angels recover from that drubbing with three games against Oakland, a great matchup in the suddenly fascinating three-way divisional race. They’ll come out at 34-29.

Three six game winning streaks starting tomorrow and the Mariners catch up to the Angels. 18-3. And then all they have to do is run with the Angels and Oakland for the rest of the year to get into the playoffs.


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  1. tomas on May 17th, 2008 12:46 am

    This is one of those win 1, lose 5-6, win 1,, lose 5-6 teams.

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