Pocket guide to McLaren firing dates

DMZ · June 4, 2008 at 6:54 pm · Filed Under Mariners 

Dave helpfully pointed out they wouldn’t be firing him tomorrow if only for PR reasons, so I worked this out. Assuming that they want to do the traditional Viking funeral, where they set the manager on fire and the team off on a road trip away from fans, here are your next two opportunities:
June 19th, after the Boston/Toronto road trip and Washington/Florida home stand
July 6/7th, after the Toronto/Detroit home stand, with the team heading to Oakland-KC (handy side benefit here: it’d be a week long road trip followed by the All-Star break, and the new manager doesn’t have to hit Safeco until July 18th)


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  1. JoeGeema on June 5th, 2008 10:50 am

    Bob Melvin was a BAD manager when he was in Seattle. Although he is better now (thanks for using the M’s as a training ground!)- he certainly isn’t great – in fact – he’s just taken his highly talented team from the best record in baseball to a few games over .500 in about two weeks.

    Bavasi MUST go – he continues to act like this is an underachieving team of all-stars he has assembled. He can’t even look at this ability lacking forlorn bunch of slow, overpaid, washups and admit they CAN’T PLAY. What is wrong with this guy? Every, and I mean EVERY trade/move he has made has been an absolute, unmitigated disaster. And every move he has made has been rightly questioned by knowing fans who continue to scratch their heads. Seriously, if WE know he’s making stupid moves – how stupid must they be???

    McLaren MUST go – his in-game managing is disgraceful. From sitting AJ last year, to using Rick White in pressure situations, to batting Cairo second, to batting Vidro 4th – just a few examples – what more do we have to see?

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