Stating The Obvious

Dave · August 17, 2008 at 5:57 pm · Filed Under Mariners 

Ryan Feierabend better figure out why his fastball didn’t make the flight to Minnesota, because he’s not a major league pitcher when his fastball averages 86 MPH. He needs to get it back to the 88-90 range with some regularity, because otherwise, he’s just Horacio Ramirez with a hard to spell last name.


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  1. smb on August 17th, 2008 6:00 pm

    Comparison to HoRam smacks of kiss of death. I hope he can get it together.

  2. MattThompson on August 17th, 2008 7:02 pm

    Let’s hope it was due to his pitching 2 1/3 on Wednesday, and being on short rest (plus, presumably, a disrupted throw schedule).

  3. JR Ewing on August 17th, 2008 7:31 pm

    why do you bring a kid up and not put him in the best possible position to succeed ? are you not trying to win games in 2009 and/or 2010 with the moves you make now ?

  4. praetore on August 17th, 2008 7:55 pm

    man I sure wish we had Moyer instead of Washburn for our lefty, the man is 40+, but has won ten games w/ a 3.something average.

  5. scott19 on August 17th, 2008 9:22 pm

    Yeah, but getting rid of Moyer for two guys named Andy (who may never make it to the majors) was another one of BB’s “better ideas”.

  6. adamt on August 17th, 2008 9:35 pm

    Saw him throw that 2 1/3 on Wednesday. He got yanked without giving up an earned run. They were hitting him well but only one extra base hit. The D was terrible in the 1st inning.

  7. Slippery Elmer on August 18th, 2008 12:14 am

    Feierabend could likely learn a few things about pitching from Moyer, especially when his fastball’s not very speedy.

  8. Teej on August 18th, 2008 1:50 am

    I want to believe in Feierabend. I really do. But when I look at his stuff, I just can’t buy in. Yes, pitchers with weak fastballs have succeeded before (Moyer), but it takes great offspeed stuff and an almost supernatural ability to locate (MOYER!) for those guys to succeed. I root for Feierabend like a madman — and the fact that he’s still 22 is promising — but today’s start was, sadly, unsurprising to me. Jamie Moyer is a bad comp to anyone, because he is an extreme rarity.

    I just have no hope. I really, really hope the kid proves me wrong.

  9. oac001 on August 18th, 2008 3:53 am

    IMHO, Feierabend is kinda like Jeremy Sowers without the hype.

  10. mln on August 18th, 2008 5:10 am

    Stating the Obvious:

    Even pink ponies and Burger Chefs cannot save the Mariners.

  11. msb on August 18th, 2008 10:33 am

    Jamie Moyer is a bad comp to anyone, because he is an extreme rarity.

    the Moyer/Maddux game the other day reminded me that it’s about a decade since the asbs-m began the annual “Moyer is going to fall off the cliff” arguments

  12. Jim_H on August 18th, 2008 12:05 pm

    Isn’t he fresh off of stint on the DL? I hope they aren’t pushing him to perform through an injury, especially so late in such a lost season. If he’s hurt, they need to shut him down.

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