I’m a Sims fan

DMZ · August 21, 2008 at 8:55 pm · Filed Under Mariners 

Sims, talking about Andy Devine (“that name will ring a bell…”)

Blowers, in standard-issue flat Blowers voice: “It will?”

Long, long pause and then you can barely hear Sims cracking up. Then Sims — not acknowledging the break at all — picks up calling the game.

Unlike many other broadcasters, if you really listen to Sims through a game, you’re rewarded: you’ll hear him throw a couple of gems out there for those of us paying attention. Sometimes it’s a gentle self-deprecating joke, or mocking the amount of commercial endorsements they do, or the game, and sometimes it’s a winking pun (“…an explosion out of his lower body” or yesterday’s repetition joke) but I have to say, as much as the “no question/no doubt” thing he’s picking up from Blowers annoys me, Sims has helped make this year a lot easier to watch.


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