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Art Thiel spends some quality time with Howard Lincoln and asks a lot of questions. There’s actually some good stuff in his answers, so it’s worth reading. Basic summary:

They liked the results Gillick gave them (no world series appearances, destroyed farm system, WOO!) and didn’t like the results Bavasi gave them, so they’re going to try to find someone who gets better results. No mention of any change in process that might lead to better results, of course.

When given a direct chance to give credit to the A’s for their success, Lincoln avoids doing so and instead talks about the Twins. The M’s have never really acknowledged that the A’s are just way, way better at this running a baseball team thing, and they probably never will.

Can’t evaluate the Erik Bedard trade as a disaster “until it plays out”. Again with the judge-strictly-by-results philosophy, which is one of the main reasons this organization is about 20 years behind the rest of baseball.

They won’t trade Ichiro.

There’s not much else we can say until we see who they hire – hopefully the new GM understands that the processes need changing if the results are going to improve. You know what, I’m just going to steal Paul DePodesta’s success matrix:

The Mariners are in the lower right hand corner. The goal is to be in the upper left hand corner. You can’t just hope to shift left, Howard – you need to move up too.


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  1. gottago on September 30th, 2008 8:31 pm

    Yo yo yo…. Total control.. a little control… I don’t care…but what I do care about are 3 people focused on the same thing! It’s not if Armstrong & Lincoln are “baseball people” or not (although I’d prefer someone that at least competed at some college level), it’s if they want to be “baseball people.” From the way they talk about the M’s and what they want from a GM it seems obvious that the focus is misplaced. Or more appropriately, there is no common vision. Ok, more corporate bs I can’t stand.

    But the point is — if the front office is going to meddle, will they at least listen to the GM and let him (or her – but I’m not sure what men’s college team she played for) put a plan in place and work it for 3 years.

    I cannot figure out why they did not dump Bavasi after 3 years? I think a person deserves a chance to prove that they can manage the organization so that progress is shown. Not overnight, but some sustainable, long-term progress.

    And do not re-sign Raul and see if some club will take Ichicro and Johjima, too.

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