2012 8th-Round Pick: 1B Nick Halamandaris

Jay Yencich · June 5, 2012 at 1:50 pm · Filed Under Mariners 

On one hand, this guy’s name has “Halama” in it, and he is a lefty, but on the other it also has “Halman” in it, in addition to an extra a and some other consonants, so I’m guessing based off the name that he’s a combination of these two players with some other consonants mixed in. Oh look, a left-handed hitter who is a large physical presence. That shouldn’t have worked.

Halamandaris has signed a letter of intent to the revived University of California baseball program. In high school, he’s been a three-sport player, basketball, football (he was a tight end) and baseball. He’s known for his power hitting and has been All-County the last couple of years. He hasn’t been so much on the state radar, but as I’ve said before, there are just so very many talented players in California that it’s easy to have one of them slip a bit when elsewhere, a player with the same abilities rank among the state’s best. You may remember this from last year when our 6th-round pick, CF James Zamarripa, wasn’t even on the BA radar. This is all to say, I don’t have video (save for a few interviews, where I learned that he is a large fellow and a Yankees fan), I don’t have stats, but I have conjecture. Awesome.


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