Cactus League Games 14-15, Royals at Mariners; Mariners at D-Backs

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Maurer vs. Shields, 1:05pm; Paxton vs. Corbin, 7:10pm

Split squad, plus a prime-time TV game on the docket today.

One of the best things about these split squad games is the chance to see some players we haven’t had a chance to see in the high minors. In the recent game against the Dodgers (Montero’s 2-HR game), we got a look at top-10 M’s prospect Tyler Marlette, for example. Last year, we got to see Chris Taylor or Taijuan Walker.

Today’s early game features a related-yet-distinct phenomenon. Your starting 1B is Jeffrey Zimmerman, a 19th-round draft pick last year out of Northern Illinois University. Zimmerman played three years for the Huskies, and left as a second-team all-MAC conference player – he played in 40 some-odd games for Pulaski in the Appy league last year, again hitting .300 and knocking 5 HRs. This is the most I’ve ever written about Zimmerman, and it may be one of the few times I do so. But hey, Zimmerman’s starting this contest, and he’ll stand in against James Shields.

“Who cares? Why does it matter if a 19th-rounder starts a game?” It doesn’t, of course. But that argument proves a bit too much. You can say the same thing about any of these games. In a baseball sense, Zimmerman hasn’t really existed – he’s somewhere in bbref’s minor league stats, near the ex-Ranger all-star Jeff Zimmerman and his brother, the ex-Mariner reliever Jordan Zimmerman. Today, Jeffrey A. Zimmerman exists in some not-terribly meaningful sense. May you destroy a Shields change-up the way Carlos Peguero used to do.

Line-up, gm 1:
1: Almonte, CF
2: Seager, 3B
3: Cano, 2B
4: Smoak, DH
5: Franklin, SS
6: Jones, RF
7: Avery, LF
8: Zimmerman, Hell Yeah
9: Buck, C
SP: Brandon Maurer

And the Game 2 line-up:
1: Miller, SS
2: Bloomquist, 2B
3: Romero, LF
4: Morrison, 1B
5: Montero, DH
6: Saunders, RF
7: Zunino, C
8: Chavez, CF
9: Triunfel, 3B
SP: Paxton


5 Responses to “Cactus League Games 14-15, Royals at Mariners; Mariners at D-Backs”

  1. okinawadave on March 10th, 2014 1:56 pm

    Is this game being broadcast anywhere other than paying through MLB’s Gameday? I’m checking radio stations but not finding anything.

  2. Ron on March 10th, 2014 3:06 pm

    Not sure about the radio but the prime time game doesn’t seem to a TV game anywhere.

  3. Section329 on March 10th, 2014 7:18 pm

    Radio 710 is on now

  4. sfgraham on March 10th, 2014 7:57 pm

    Looks like the game isn’t on either…

  5. Westside guy on March 11th, 2014 8:40 am

    Man, it’s only spring training but – Almonte isn’t exactly making a case for himself to make the 25 man.

    You can’t steal first, Abe.

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