Monday Podcast with Jeff and Matthew

Matthew Carruth · March 31, 2014 at 11:01 am · Filed Under Mariners 

Monday morning podcast(s) continues/begins.

If you’re new to these, this isn’t anything special. Jeff and I go into a recording with a vague idea of stuff to talk about and it sort of organically goes how it goes. It usually goes negative, as much as neither of us prefer it to. I would really like for people to get something out of these other than just us basically chatting with each other, but Jeff has way too many other things to do throughout each day and I’m just kinda lazy. Sorry! Not really, though, because this is free to you.

This week we talked a little about Randy Wolf and the payroll, and got sidetracked into hating the Mariners’ past teams and current FO. Whoops!

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In hopes of capturing some creative juice again, I’m playing around with the format a little. Intro music is The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan by Chris Zabriskie. I don’t know if Kaleetan refers to Basque or the Chinook or something completely else. Context suggests the ferry?


8 Responses to “Monday Podcast with Jeff and Matthew”

  1. TIFO on March 31st, 2014 12:27 pm

    These are awesome (even when you get sidetracked and talk about non-baseball things :-)). I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d be willing to donate some funds if you put up a donation link with the podcasts, to help keep it worth you guys’ while. Alternatively, I’d be willing to sponsor the podcast via my business if you’re interested in that. But, again, thanks for doing these! There aren’t enough good baseball podcasts out there, and yours is tied for my favorite with Fangraph’s, particularly the Dave Cameron episodes.

  2. Cole on March 31st, 2014 12:49 pm

    “Howard Lincoln could die.”

    Haha, great podcast as always.

  3. Matthew Carruth on March 31st, 2014 2:42 pm


    I…um, wow. Well, there’s a donation link set up already on StatCorner (, so if you want to do that, it goes to the same place.

    I have no idea how sponsorships would work. I’m not sure anybody would, should?, want their brand associated with our profane ranting. But if you want to pitch me something, there’s an email link on StatCorner as well.

  4. StatisticallyInsignificant on March 31st, 2014 7:33 pm

    Nice work fellas!

  5. jld on April 1st, 2014 11:00 am

    Awesome podcast. Also, please bring back the skype opening theme!

  6. TIFO on April 1st, 2014 2:44 pm

    @Matthew Carruth: Awesome, thanks. Emailing. 🙂

  7. IwearMsHats on April 1st, 2014 3:04 pm

    Hmmm, can I co-sponsor???

  8. Matthew Carruth on April 1st, 2014 3:33 pm

    Thanks to all above, this has been a surprising response to say the least.

    I’m wary of the idea of sponsorships given that Jeff and I are not known, or shouldn’t be known, for our reliability in producing these. I’d prefer not to feel extra guilty on top of my already considerable amount of non-Catholic-but-basically-Catholic guilt that I live with.

    And personally, I’d feel extra bad about accepting a deal with something that I don’t have personal experience with. So, if you are a local brewery, bar, distillery, outdoor gear maker, or coffee shop, then I probably love you. If you aren’t then I probably do not frequent your business.

    Hence, donations are preferred because those only add temporary guilt and shame, which the donations help smooth over in the form of powerful ether doses.

    However, I am also curious as to what that involves, so I’ll re-iterate that I have several e-mails, linked here (I think), and on StatCorner (the big mail icon). Jeff has e-mail as well. So if you have an idea, pitch it to me and/or Jeff. We may respond! We’ll probably just say thank you

    p.s. maybe, but probably no on bringing back the skype open

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