Game 34, Royals at Mariners

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Hisashi Iwakuma vs. Danny Duffy, 7:10pm

Danny Duffy was arguably the most heralded member of the Royals vaunted 2010 prospect class. A lefty with a plus fastball, a curve and a change, Duffy made the bigs in 2011. Since then, he’s teased Royals fans with flashes of brilliance (a 96 mph fastball will do that) and frustrated them with command problems and injuries. He’s come back from TJ surgery, but his elbow is still problematic. He had a UCL sprain in the minors, had his elbow surgery in 2012, and made another elbow-related DL trip late last year.

His FB is Paxtonesque in velocity and movement – he gets a lot of vertical ‘rise’ which means it tends to be hit in the air. He hasn’t paid for it in home runs, probably due to the elite velocity, but his arsenal does produce platoon splits. Against righties, and he faces an inordinate number of them, he’s had pretty serious control issues.

1: Saunders, CF
2: Romero, RF
3: Cano, 2B
4: Hart, DH
5: Smoak, 1B
6: Seager, 3B
7: Gillespie, LF
8: Miller, SS
9: Zunino, C
SP: Iwakuma

Speaking of Paxton, he’ll throw a bullpen session tomorrow. And Taijuan Walker will throw on Sunday.

I mentioned that the Clinton Lumberkings came back from a 12-4 deficit a week or so ago. Last night, they outdid themselves with a truly historic comeback. Down 16-1 in the fifth, Clinton rallied to tie it up. The game went to extras, and they scored three more runs and won 20-17. Their 2B earned a save in the game, reminding me of the time Scott Savastano hit a walk-off HR for Tacoma, making himself the winning pitcher. Well done, Lumberkings. They had to do it without OF Austin Wilson, who I think is nursing an injury.


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  1. MrZDevotee on May 10th, 2014 12:35 pm

    You know, just because you don’t care for the site in its current state doesn’t mean it needs to be shut down… You’re welcome to stop viewing it at anytime. You have our permission, if that’s what you need. Just sayin’…

    Reminds me of the funniest The Onion headline of all time: “Why Won’t These Gay Guys Stop Sucking My Dick”?

    Or was that just a passive aggressive attempt at saying “more content please”?

  2. RaoulDuke37 on May 10th, 2014 2:24 pm

    When I found this site 9 or 10 years ago, it was fucking awesome. I had always been interested in baseball stats, but this site took it to a whole new level. And it wasn’t just a baseball analysis site, it was a Seattle Mariner analysis site.

    I wish it would return to what it once was. I wish a couple people that had the initial Dave enthusiasm would take it over. I hate seeing this site in its current state.

    “You know, just because you don’t care for the site in its current state doesn’t mean it needs to be shut down… You’re welcome to stop viewing it at anytime. You have our permission, if that’s what you need. Just sayin’…”

    And that’s the thing. I use to check this site all the time. All day long. New Article? News? Anything? I remember when a story would break and then USSMariner would go down as everyone refreshed over and over again to see what got posted. Now I barely check in. Maybe once a day. During the offseason this site went several days without any new content, even a week at one point. I don’t want USSMariner to slowly die off. But if that’s the direction, maybe it would be best to just shut it down.

  3. MrZDevotee on May 10th, 2014 2:39 pm

    So what if it IS just a game thread site at this point?

    Again, just because it’s not living up to your expectations doesn’t mean it needs to be shut down. It’s really easy to not tune it if it doesn’t provide you with what you need.

    The game thread portion has always been a bit different than the content portion. With a different level of dialogue. Because that doesn’t matter to you, but matters to some of the rest of us, it should be shut down?

    Everyone wishes the content would have continued, but everyone also recognizes as Dave became more “employed” by other entities, a lot of the content went with him because THAT’s what people are paying him for now. And we all know where to find that content, including often the game threads mention that content and provide links.

    The game threads here are a lot of fun, and don’t usually attract the bonehead commenters and shallow content of say a Times game thread (other than me, that is)…

    I’d be really sad if the game threads here disappeared.

    So for myself, I emphatically ask that the site NOT SHUT DOWN NO MATTER HOW LAME IT HAS BECOME to people who rarely check in anymore. I still check in daily, and am happy with the site.

  4. RaoulDuke37 on May 10th, 2014 3:21 pm

    Dear Benevolent Rulers of the USS Mariner,

    Please do not shut down this site. The thought of MrZDevotee running loose with nothing better to do is not a future any of us want to consider.

    If you also feel like adding a little more content, it would be greatly appreciated, even by those of us that check in less frequently.

    – Raoul

  5. Westside guy on May 10th, 2014 3:50 pm

    Twitter can help ameliorate the problem of having to check in regularly. Whenever Jeff, Marc, Dave, or Matthew post something here – they also post a link on their Twitter streams.

    I don’t know if Jay is on Twitter though, nor Mike Snow.

    Funny side note… I’m pretty sure DMZ still controls the USS Mariner Twitter feed. Every once in a blue moon there’ll suddenly be several dozen random posts, all within a tight time frame.

  6. MrZDevotee on May 10th, 2014 6:03 pm

    Thank you, that was a much more thoughtful approach! (rolls eyes)

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