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The Mariners line-up Thursday had combined to hit all of one home run this year. This is little ball at its purest form, and it doesn’t lend itself to scoring many runs.

I don’t mind pushing Meche back a few days. With his history, extra rest can’t be a bad thing. Besides, the less starts he makes in the majors this year, the better our chances of competing in the west.

Is it too early to start lamenting the loss of Gerald Perry? This team is hacking enough to make Wily Mo Pena proud.

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I was looking forward to seeing Gil Meche get shelled tonight, but it appears they’re skipping back to the top of the rotation instead. That means everyone’s favorite game, “Which Freddy Garcia will show up tonight?” Speaking of “tonight,” I notice the M’s are still undefeated during day games but winless at night. So much for that glare during day games, eh?

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Also, Safeco has a new, larger beer size for $7.75 premium, $7.25 domestic. Being the only beer drinker of the group here, I think it’s important for me to publish news like this.

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I went to the game last night and I was struck by just how awful the Mariners hitting is. It’s not that they’re not hitting home runs, or quality singles, they’re just popping up, grounding weakly to second, and the hits they get are largely the Blooomquist dying quails.

Seriously, what do we have for hitters?

Davis – enh

Wilson – bad

Olerud – good

Boone – swing from heels

Guillen – enh

Cirillo – continued awfulness with chance of helplessness

Ichiro – not quite as electric as once was, but that’s another topic

Cameron – I love Cammy, but he’s killing me at the plate

Winn – hot start but I’m not buying it

Edgar – gold

And then there’s the first not-awful bench ever, but we’re going to be running a regular lineup out there where maybe you can put two, three guys together who even have a hitting approach, but then it’s

Ichiro – speed leading off and decent OBP

some dude




I don’t see this team scoring a lot of runs, and that may mean Melvin tries to squeeze a lot out of his bench, which’ll be interesting in itself.