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Boy, Loshe looked great against the Mariners. That game could have easily been a shutout with a break in the Twins direction. As Tacoma Raniers announce Mike Curto said, “Loshe was dealing tonight.” Another highlight: Mateo came in and I turned to Mike and said “How long before Tateriffic Mateo gives up a home run?” and as Mike started to answer, Mateo gave up a home run.

Garcia Watch 2003

Bob Finnigan, apparantly unable to find a story lying around the pressbox he could pick up and run, asked Garcia about the rumors he parties too much and used it for the basis of an article. Headline is “Garcia denies off-field rumors” but in the story, Garcia says “Yes, I go out,” he said. “I can go out. I can go out if I want. Why not? I’m 26 years old. I’m single.”

Umm, so you do go out then.

“I’m not out every night,” he said, showing a touch of anger for the first time. “You don’t see me out every night. I stay home a lot, but people don’t see me at home. They see me when I go out, so they think it’s too much.”

Some days, after all, are travel days when the team is on a charter flight at night.

Garcia pointed out that he has gone out to clubs since he has been in the big leagues, now five years.

“I’ve always gone out, and all the years I’ve done good, it’s no problem,” he said. “I don’t do good for a few games, and now it’s a bad thing?”

Lemme see… a few games. How about a year’s worth of games?

“People can talk about my performance on the field, but the other stuff is my life,” Garcia said. “You know me. You know if I have a big car. You know about my nightlife. To go out every night, to be drinking too much, would be stupid for me. My velocity would be down, but it’s not. I’m throwing the ball 93, 94, 95 mph. That’s me. That’s always been me.”

There’s an important point here: he doesn’t say that he’s not out on the town every night, he says “it’s not so bad, I’m still throwing fast.”

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that I make widgets and I smoke a lot of crack every day. And for a while, I do really well. I manage to come into work enough that it doesn’t show up on my reviews, I keep life relatively in order. If things started to fall apart — I came into work later and later, when I was there my head wasn’t in the game, I was moody and erratic, I still made widgets as fast but they weren’t as good, and frequently defective — would the crack be a valid subject to talk about? Or would the fact that I could still crank out widgets of much worse quality be an adequate defense?