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Oh, and just because we’re not sure Arthur Rhodes can protect a SIX RUN LEAD with 2 outs in the 9th inning, lets go bring in Jeff Nelson and play the matchups. Because its not like Rondell White has had any kind of success against Jeff Nelson lately…

Yet, the next time we trail by a run in the 7th inning, we’ll see Matt White trotting out to the mound. Just awful. Might as well let Bloomquist DH and hit him cleanup.

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The San Diego Padres have scored the second fewest runs in the National League, averaging under 4 per game. The Mariners have a 5 run lead with 4 outs to go, and its time for Bob Melvin to go to the bullpen. Who does he go to? Arthur Rhodes, of course.

This is a team that scores 3.9 runs when given 27 outs, and we’re afraid that they might score 5 runs when given 4 outs in Safeco Field? Get a grip, Bob. This was the perfect time to give Rafael Soriano (remember him?) some work. Instead, Melvin’s insane usage of the bullpen continues. Earlier in the year, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for being a rookie manager, but he’s not getting any better. Somebody, anybody, sit this man down and explain to him how to use a bullpen.

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Pocket Lint Finnigan offers some interesting stuff in today’s Mariners notebook at the pop-up-tastic Seattle Times site.

Mariners deny Matt White was waived yesterday — which makes sense, this didn’t show up on any of the transaction listings. From what I’ve heard, this rumor originated in an AOL baseball chat room where Larry LaRue of the Tacoma Tribune is said to frequent and may have said (typed) something. Eeeeeeeeeyup. So here’s the good part:

“But, as one American League scout said last night, “The ability is in there, but he’s got to go down (to the minor leagues) and pitch. He’s still overmatched at the big-league level.” ”

Yeaaaaah, and as Finnigan points out, problem with that is that he can’t go to the minors without putting him on waivers, where the M’s might lose him, as much as that seems unlikely given White’s jack-tasticness. Also, if anyone can provide me of any evidence that Matt White is talented enough to worry about losing, please drop us a line, because I’m not seeing it.

The other great nugget in the notebook was Melvin’s comment on why he didn’t have CrapLemore bunt with Cammy on 3rd and one out:

“”That’s not my style, to bunt to tie,” the manager said. “I like to let my guys swing and drive in the runs. It makes you look like you’re pulling out all the stops just to tie if you bunt there. ”


The Mariners have a great bullpen and a great offense. If Melvin’s going to bunt all the time in insane situations — bunting runners on 1,2 to 2,3 when down by two runs, just to harp on that choice — the least he could do is bunt to tie the game up and send it into extra innings, where the superior bullpen and hitting will puts the odds dramatically in your favor.

You know why Melvin didn’t bunt for a tie? I’ll tell you the secret. Make sure no one else is around and lean in real close to the monitor. Closer, closer….

Melvin doesn’t believe in ties. Keep it to yourself, I don’t want other teams figuring this out.

If the team’s ahead, spare no expense to win that game. Behind? Might as well pull the team from the field and take the forfeit. And ties? You’re not ahead, so they’re worthless too. Now, if he sticks Mateo in a tie game and the team pulls ahead, then it’s time for win-at-all-costs, but he doesn’t expect that or even think about it.