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Overheard at the ballpark, 6/28/03:

Son: Dad, what’s O-B-P?

Father: That’s on-base percentage. It’s what his batting average is when there are runners on base.

Way to breed ignorance, moron.

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What goes better with a new Future Forty than an updated Big Board? My thoughts exactly. In addition to a few other minor changes, please welcome the Everett AquaSox to the party. I haven’t gotten around to listing the rookie level Peoria Mariners yet, mostly because they go through so many players that it scares me. In any event, click, enjoy, and e-mail me if you see something that doesn’t look quite right. Finally, my apologies to San Antonio LHP Justin Lamber, who for some reason has been left off the Missions’ roster all season. Sorry Justin!

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Good news; I’ve updated the Future Forty for the month of July. Yeah, I know I’m a few days early, but I didn’t think anyone would complain. The top of the list remains largely unchaged, but there are some big movers and shakers. Ryan Anderson falls off the list after his 3rd surgery, Ryan Christianson drops nearly 20 spots, and 17-year-old Felix Hernandez debuts all the way up at #13. Get used to hearing his name folks, because the M’s absolutely love this kid. He’s been referred to as the best arm they’ve ever signed internationally. They’re going to baby him in Everett this year, but he’s got a world of potential.

Anyways, check out the entire list and feel free to drop me a line with any comments or questions.