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If Bob Melvin is the “in-game strategist equivalent of a box of rocks,” as Dave says, what does that say about bench coach Rene Lachemann, who occupies the role usually associated with in-game strategy? I’d like to start calling him “sack of hammers”. The funny part about this is that we got to see another manager, with much duller tools, throw everything he could into a loss and come away with the win. You will never in the course of this season see Melvin gamble everything he has, punting defense and late-inning pinch-hit possibilities, the way the Padres did tonight.

Box o’ Rocks was hired in large part because he interviewed so well with the team. We can rest assured that his interview didn’t include any kind of actual game testing, because — and I mean this entirely seriously — given identical teams I would kick Box’s ass playing any baseball simulation in a seven-game series. Diamond Mind, Strat-o-Matic, whatever you want, set us up and I will make him cry like an unhappy, soiled, hungry baby.

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Apparently, Jason was sitting in front of Bob Melvin last night.

Earlier this year, I went through a late game situation where Melvin badly misused his bullpen and bench and turned what should have been a win into a loss. I could do that again today, but I don’t feel like being repetitive. The past few weeks, all we’ve been saying is Melvin is clueless when it comes to using relievers. We’ve known all year that he doesn’t have the slightest idea of who on his bench is actually good (Colbrunn) and who isn’t (everyone else). Now, we’re simply left with one conclusion:

Bob Melvin is the in-game strategist equivalent of a box of rocks.