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I’ve officially given up on Freddy. If the M’s can move him for someone like J.D. Drew (a popular name these days) or Trot Nixon (a relatively recent Gammons rumor) they should do so as quickly as possible. Normally I’d be against trading a starting pitcher for offense, but in this case: 1. The team really needs that offense; and 2. Right now it’s the equivalent of trading the 5th starter. Personally, I think Soriano — or perhaps Rett Johnson, if you’re into that sort of thing — can hack it in the starting rotation the rest of the year, and at this point it’s hard to imagine either one pitching worse than Garcia has this month.

If the M’s were really ballsy they’d look into the possibility of trading Ryan Franklin while his value is high, but I doubt that’s even a consideration. But as long as we’re just talking, how’s this for wild — Garcia, Franklin and a prospect or two for Manny Ramirez? Stick him in left for the remainder of the year, then let him DH the rest of the way. I know Ramirez is right-handed, but he’s such a good hitter that Safeco shouldn’t be a huge issue.

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A couple quick Sunday points:

1. Jason has updated his Big Board (over on the left). It is still your one stop shopping for all transactions, promotions, injuries, and depth charts for every team in the Mariners organization, from rookie ball all the way to the big leagues. Three cheers for Jason.

2. The Future Forty update will be postponed. See below for details.

3. Felix Hernandez is taking the hill in Everett tonight. Go to the game.

4. Mariners 15th round pick Scott Maine and his adviser will be flying to Seattle on Monday to meet with Mariners officials. The Mariners knew that Maine wanted 2nd round money (around $500,000) when they drafted him, and they knew it when they asked them to come to Seattle. We should know by Tuesday whether the M’s will be snagging a late round steal or whether Maine will be attending college this fall.

5. For all those who email us, hooray for you, and don’t stop. However, please be understanding that we may not reply very quickly for the next week or so. My laptop decided to shut down last night, and hasn’t restarted since, so our ability to respond is going to be hampered. For those of you “who know more about computers than we do about baseball”, feel free to email me as I’m likely in the market for a new computer. Suggestions/warnings/advice welcome.