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So… Meche. Yeeeeeaaah.

He was scaring me early on, though. Even with the strikeouts and pretty good looking stuff, every out seemed to be a very long fly ball. He settled down, however — as much as someone throwing a two-hitter needs to settle down — and pitched a damned fine game. I was particularly impressed with how silly he made Jason Giambi look.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Greg Colbrunn on the roster about now? I know John Olerud has been red hot lately, but he really shouldn’t be starting against Andy Pettitte if you can help it at all. Or if you want to get really crazy, give Ben Davis a start at 1B. He’s mashing LHP this year. Likewise, Rey Sanchez in the #2 spot continues to frustrate. Randy Winn has actually hit lefties pretty well this year (.308/.364/.500 entering the game), so he would have been a much better choice today. Ditto Mike Cameron, strikeouts be damned.

Also: new Big Board. The only big change was the Nelson-Benitez swap, though I also moved Jeff Cirillo up to Inland Empire and Kaz Sasaki to Tacoma. Oh, and C Nick Udy went from Wisconsin to San Antonio. If you see something I missed, drop me a line.