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Well, that’s more like it.

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Ah, the wonder of the Internet, where a thousand conflicting stories can exist at once. Thank goodness MLB is so open about their transaction and roster rules, otherwise we’d never be able to answer these questions. If anyone can get a copy of the rules to fall off a truck, email us and we’ll set something up.

So, here’s what we know for sure:

You have to set your playoff roster on Aug 31. It’s 25 players, all of who…. ?#1

You can put guys on the DL on the playoff roster, and then later replace them (pitcher for pitcher, player for player), as long as.. ?#2

Question #1

a. Must have been on the 25-man on or before that date, but don’t have to be there on August 31st

b. Must be on the 25-man on August 31st

I believe it’s option a.

Question #2

a. The player named was on the 25-man on or before August 31st

b. The player named was somewhere in the organization on or before August 31st.

I believe it’s option a, in no small part because otherwise, all those people in baseball wouldn’t have been screaming that Francisco Rodriguez was on the Angels playoff roster illegally. Not that we should expect baseball people to be right all the time.

Anyway, we’re still looking.

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It’s true that SD would have had first dibs if they claimed Giles, but I heard that Giles had cleared waivers, meaning he got all the way through the NL and then the AL before he’d cleared, meaning the M’s (and others) passed. Maybe that was wrong, reports on waiver claims/clearances are as unreliable as they get.

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I’m trying to find the rule explaining this, but haven’t come up with anything. Google searches turn up tons of hits, but they’re all for post-season roster eligibility in fantasy leagues. I can report, however, that fantasy league webpages which address this use the “If he’s been on the 25-man roster at any point before September 1st, he’s eligible” standard, and I have to guess they got that from somewhere.

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I’ve always been under the impression that your team, as of August 31st, was your postseason roster, barring loophole changes. I’m willing to be wrong if we can find some evidence, though.

The Mariners wouldn’t have had a chance to claim Giles. The Padres, with the worst record in the NL, had first dibs on everyone traded from the National League. Once they claim him, they work out the deal, and everyone else is helpless.

And yes, McLemore and Mabry would be my suggested releases. I realize it won’t happen, but they’re really the only choices. Neither deserve a spot on a major league roster, especially a contending club like the Mariners.

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Gotta go with Derek on this one. I think as long as a player has been on the 25-man roster at any point before September 1st, he’s eligible for the post-season roster — he doesn’t have to be on the actual 25-man roster at 11:59:59pm on August 31st.

As far as I know, they haven’t closed the Bob Wolcott / Francisco Rodriguez loophole.

Also, Dave, you’ve been advocating picking up Tony Clark and Matt Stairs. Who are you going to take off the 25-man roster? I’m guessing you’re going to say Mark McLemore (not gonna happen) and John Mabry (should happen, regardless of acquisitions).

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w/r/t post-season rosters: I don’t think that’s the case. I believer you can put anyone on the post-season roster as long as they were on the 25-man before September 1st. So if you put Mateo on an optional assignment right now, you could still stick him on the post-season roster.

And did they close the Battlin’ Bobby Wolcott Memorial Post-Season Roster Loophole yet?

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If the Pirates were asking for a ton before the deadline (take Kendall, bring us delicious coffee, etc), enh, no big deal… but for the team to not claim Giles when he went through waivers — that’s insane. The Pirates were trying to move him, they’re willing to give him up for some magic beans now: the M’s should have claimed him and snagged a OF-L that would have hugely improved the team, or failed to make the deal, keeping him in Pittsburgh.

I suspect this was a back-room deal: that since it was between two teams way out of contention, everyone else agreed not to hassle them. But that’s a load. The Mariners need Giles more than they need to improve Gillick’s already cozy friendships with the league at large (excepting Mets-Reds).

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Of course, whoever you removed from the 25 man roster in order to make room for Heredia would then become ineligible for the postseason roster. So, the point is still the same. But overall, the criticism is valid. Also, Brian Giles was reportedly sent to San Diego today and Jason Kendall wasn’t included in the deal. So, theoretically, he was available before the deadline. Unless he really did exercise his no-trade to Seattle, we should be very unhappy that he’s not a Mariner.

In other management related news, the Angels let go of scouting director Donny Rowland, who would be a vast improvement over Frank Mattox. The dismissal of Rowland is strange at best, stupid at worst.

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New Big Board.

Your point about the roster spot is valid, but I’d counter that it’s already August 26th. You’d only have to send a guy down for five days before the rosters expand to 40, and now you’ve got Heredia and he’s eligible for the post-season roster. I don’t expect that he’ll have a huge impact, but it would be nice to have a guy you could use early in the game — the 6th or 7th inning, I mean — to get out a left-handed bat or two, leaving yourself Rhodes for later on. Assuming Rhodes turns things around. He hasn’t exactly been what I’d call “good” recently.

I guess I’m just more upset that they’ve been talking about needing a left-handed reliever for two years now, and then when one comes available they pass. If they didn’t want one in the first place, that’s fine… I just wish they wouldn’t talk this up — as well as Gillick talking up the waiver wire — only to sit on their hands once again.

Not that I should be surprised at this point, but hey, I’m a sucker that way.

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