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I know I posted this a few weeks ago, but it bears repeating:

We suck.

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After beating the snot out of terrible teams for 10 games, the A’s have now dropped two in a row. Way to go Orioles. M’s need to capitalize tonight.

Also, we haven’t done this in a while, and I feel like mentioning it. Here is Rafael Soriano’s line since the all-star break:

29 1/3 innings, 12 hits, 3 walks, 41 strikeouts, 1.23 ERA.


On the other end of the spectrum, its the post all-star Ben Davis:

70 AB, 10 H, 3 XBH, 8 BB, 14 K, .143/.225/.214.


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I don’t know if we’ve talked about this series yet, so here goes. David Andriesen of the P-I has an interesting series going right now, looking at each club in the minor league system. He talked to players and coaches about the differences at each level, the experience of playing in the minors, and how the level relates to the major leagues. I’ve enjoyed each one so far and you will too.

short-season: Everett

low-A: Wisconsin

high-A: Inland Empire

AA: San Antonio

He’s back with a look at AAA Tacoma tomorrow.

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I’ll be there too. In Everett, I mean. So yeah, drop by and say hello.

You know, Derek, there’s no love lost between the Aquasox and the Volcanos. I mean, these two teams flat out do not like each other. In fact, when they get together you may as well throw out the record books (as the Frogs are playing .427 ball this year compared to S-K’s .560, I’m sure they’d like to do just that).

It appears we’ll be seeing LHP Sam Hays take the mound tonight. Hays, you might remember, was once thought of as a darned good prospect. The M’s took him in the 4th round of the 2000 draft, but he only slipped that far because most teams thought he’d be attending (I think) the University of Texas on a baseball scholarship. The M’s managed to woo him instead, but he’s been a bust ever since:

2000: Signed late; did not pitch

2001: 6.83 ERA at Peoria (rookie ball); 36 H, 14 BB in 29 IP

2002: Injured; did not pitch

2003: 4.93 ERA at Everett; 37 H, 35 BB in 38.1 IP

Considering he’s putting on better than two runners an inning (when you factor in his seven hit batters), it’s amazing his ERA is under 5.00.

In more interesting news, we should also see SS Adam Jones. Jones was the M’s 1st round pick this June, and hit .284/.368/.349 at Peoria before getting called up to Everett for the final three games of the year. He was plunked an amazing 10 times in 28 games, which inflates his OBP quite a bit (he only drew 5 walks against 109 at-bats). So far he’s 4-for-8 with Everett.

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Last chance to go catch an Aquasox game. See live baseball tonight as the fighting frogs take on division rivals Salem-Keizer Volcanos in a matchup with, uh, playoff.. no, uh, future implications! I’ll be there, so you know it’ll be… uh, Zumsteg-riffic?

Funny internet moment of the day: I got pointed to a Game Chatter thread–

Posted 1:26 p.m., August 25, 2003 (#23) – bob mong

With little hope in 2003, who’s gonna be the M’s GM in 2004?

Hopefully Zumsteg 🙂

Posted 1:28 p.m., August 25, 2003 (#24) – Adam

Nooo not Zumsteg

I think Theo should hire the BP guys.

Umm… yeah. I hate to point this out, but here’s a handy Venn-diagram-type-ASCII thing to explain.

| All guys |
| |
| +------------+ |
| | | |
| | BP guys | |
| | | |
| | +------++ |
| | | Me || |
| +----+------++ |

Unless I’d been fired… but no, I’ve got a column running today. So that can’t be it. Hmmm.

A nod to Bob Mong for that first post, though. I’ll be posting my application packet here when I’m done with it.

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From today’s Mariners Notebook at the Seattle Times (“Paper of Quality”)

Sources say the Mariners can have third baseman Robin Ventura now, if they want him. Having acquired him from the New York Yankees at the July 31 trading deadline, the Los Angeles Dodgers want to give him away since he has not hit enough to liven their moribund offense.

Oh, now they want to let us have him. That’s just super. Thank you, Dodgers. I argued in favor of picking up Ventura before, but now…

Ventura’s 2003 line, in total: .249/.350/.398. That’s off his career lines of .268/.363/.445, but not by all that much. He’s 36, and I’d throw his 2002 splits (which I think show that his AVG/SLG started to go bad about halfway through last year) but I can’t, because I get a 404 Page Not Found error.

Why? Because exists to frustrate me.

Meanwhile, Guillen’s hitting .284/.335/.403, and still working back from the groin so shortstop’s tough. Considering what happens if Ventura comes over — the team has to dump someone off the 25-man in order to pick up an older gamble for 3b who offers some plate discipline but not much else in the way of improvement, and who would be taking playing time from guys who could get on the post-season roster, well… I don’t think it’d be a good move any more.