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Ron Fairly Zen Koan of the Day: “Don’t try to see how far you can hit the ball, see how hard you can hit it.”

Bonus: “Averages are great, but they don’t mean much for individuals. What matters is runs scored and runs batted in and the great players, they give you both.”

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Errors in this article:

[Edited: turns out this first part is probably me being wrong, see subsequent post]

“That gave us 15 position players on Aug. 31” — Pelekoudas, then — “The idea was to give us flexibility,” Pelekoudas said. “We can go 14-11 (position players to pitchers) or 15-10 or even 16-9, although I doubt you’d see that.”

As you can see from the rules, pitchers have to be replaced with pitchers, and position players with position players. You can’t sub in Jamal Strong for Rett Johnson. So if they had 15 position players and 10 pitchers on August 31st, they’re going to have 15/10 in the playoffs.

“If Seattle wishes to name a player to fill Colbrunn’s spot, should he be named to the postseason roster, they can choose from any player who was in the organization on Aug. 31. ”

Nope, has to be a position player.

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Bob Finnegan contributes a worthwhile column; News at 11!

Seriously, thats the best explanation of the postseason roster I’ve ever seen. Kudos to Pelekoudas for explaining it in english.

Also, this is likely all pointless, because the M’s postseason odds are dwindling by the day.

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Last Game at Everett

What will be, I only presume, a long game of photo one-upmanship between me and Jason.

The woman in blue here

got very agitated when the outfield scoreboard was behind the game. She’d look at the press box and yell “Fix the scoreboard!” every five, ten seconds, as if people in the press box had super-extendable arms, or telekenetic abilities. Which meant that this guy

yelled back “Go do it yourself, fatty!” Except that he didn’t, because that guy’s worried about getting tossed out of the box by

this guy, who is the PA announcer and, uh, doesn’t look kindly on rowdy conduct in the press box and on something like



and +————–+ not so much


there would be an obvious alliance,


So I, I mean he, kept his big yap shut for once and didn’t get tossed.


“If you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair like your pretty boy Brian over there, make the minimum 37 pieces of flair.”