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I’ve been looking at this GM thing, trying to come up with a candidate to endorse. I tell you what, though: Derek and Dave are endorsing Cleveland’s Chris Antonetti for a reason. I’m impressed with his education (Bachelor’s of Business Admininstration from Georgetown and a Master’s in Sports Management from the University of Massachusetts) and the organization he currently hails from. You wouldn’t hear any complaints from me if the M’s hired him.

That said, I do like to be different when possible. I’ve been trying to read as much as possible about Boston’s Josh Byrnes, and I’m going to give him my endorsement as of this minute. I like that he’s worked for three different organizations — Cleveland, Colorado, Boston — and that he was Cleveland’s scouting director. That scouting aspect is important, and having worked in three organizations should give him a good perspective on things.

So there you go. Josh Byrnes for GM. I’m more than willing to be shot down on this one, so fire away guys.