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Jason here.

The venders of which Derek speaks are Hot Dog Joe’s (slogan: “U Wanna Eat!”) and The Dragon kettlecorn. I buy my pre-game snacks there and so should you. Let’s make it official…

Official Outside Hot Dog Vendor: Hot Dog Joe’s (U Wanna Eat!)

Official Outside Kettle Corn Vendor: The Dragon

And if we haven’t mentioned this already, the Official In-Game Reading Material is, of course, The Grand Salami.

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Some might say I’m getting silly now. Those people have a point.

Official Safeco Value Seats: View Box, $23/seat

Official Safeco Cheap Seats: Center Field Bleachers, $6/seat

Official Foul Ball Hitter: Mike Young

Official Reader of the U.S.S. Mariner in Adult Entertainment: Jennie J, who emailed us a photo so smoking hot we cannot, for safety reasons, open, much less look at

Official Daily Comic: Frazz

Official Safeco Beer: Large Fat Tire for $7.75. Few beers make this kind of investment seem worthwhile

Official Final Fantasy VII Character: Aerith

Official Pre-game Pizza Vendor: Sodo Pizza, $6/pie

Official Most Helpful Reader of the U.S.S. Mariner: Jeff Lubetkin

I was going to put up outside Kettle Corn and Hot Dog Vendor, but I forgot who the dudes in front of the Home Plate Parking Lot are. Jason’ll know. Jason knows everything. Now if someone could find Jason for me, that’d be super.

Jamie Moyer, for anyone who missed the World Series broadcast tonight, won the Roberto Clemente Award for 2003 in recognition of his work with the Moyer Foundation. Man, he’s cool.

Coming soon: Derek’s guide to Spring Training in Arizona.

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NY media’s reporting that the Omar Minaya-Mets negotations have stalled as Omar refuses a power-sharing arrangement with interim GM Jim Duquette. I’m still hoping someone the M’s compete against hires Omar, but I’d settle for him not getting our job.