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Hey Derek, Winston-Salem is quite nice this time of year. Property is much, much cheaper out here too. Did I mention the exciting Winston-Salem Warthogs are just mintues away? Ernie Shore Field might not be Safeco, but its the only stadium in the country with free wireless broadband internet access. No, I’m not kidding. All 14 of us who go to the games wonder why we got to be the first to show off the Wi-Fi hotspot features, and have no idea if anyone has actually used it or not. Anyways, there was a point to this post that had to do with the M’s.

I’ve been told that they might not name a GM this week, as originally expected, and that the first batch of interviews were underwhelming. New candidates could be brought in this week that have not been mentioned, and there is no frontrunner in this race anymore.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who emailed me about my post on Steve Coffey. It was therapeutic for me to write it, but I’m glad it could help some of you as well.

November 2, 2003 · Filed Under Mariners · Comments Off on  

M’s want their 2004 season ticket deposit money now. If they need the money so badly, there are any number of locally-owned check cashing operations that would be happy to help them out (because “heart always matters” as they’ll tell you 12 times an hour if you listen to commercial radio around here).

Also, thanks to the kindness of readers, I’ve got my computer up and back on the network, but I have to finish up my Baseball Prospectus 2004 work this week, and I’m trying to buy a house/sell a house/move, so it’s likely I’m not going to put up all that delicious content I’ve been mulling over. Soon, dear readers, soon.