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Pelooper — that’s priceless.

So this Edgar thing seems like a good deal, on the surface, but at the same time…

…aw, who am I kidding? I can’t say a single bad word about this. Edgar is the Mariners and the Mariners are Edgar, if that makes any sense at all. If he wants to play until he’s 50 that’s a-OK with me.

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I’d like to nominate Edgar to be the first modern player-GM. He’s a DH, he’s got spare time, and even though we know nothing about his talent evaluation abilities, it’d be cool even if it didn’t work, whereas the Pelooper GM is more likely to be sad.

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My reward for my rant about how people seem to believe it’s okay to do bad things as long as it’s them doing them, like spamming?

“Hello. Please, please, pardon this interuption.

We are very sorry to spam you with this message, but we are so excited about our new website, Sports Blogs, that we just had to tell you about it.”


Also, there’s an argument that Edgar clogs the bases and thus takes the M’s off the gameplan. If anyone wants to make a serious case for this — particularly if they want to go through game logs and show us the number of times Edgar failed to move over or score from first/second/third on events that should have moved him over or scored him, I’d love to read that.

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The American League Gold Gloves were announced today, and the Mariners dominated the squad. Mike Cameron, Ichiro Suzuki, Bret Boone, John Olerud, Rick the Peanut Guy, Joe Simpson, Steve Trout, and The Guy With The Cowbell all won at their respective positions.

While they were better this year, the gold gloves are still a complete joke. If you can’t hit, you won’t get recognized, end of story. It is an award to give kudos to quality players who make a lot of webgems. That said, Mike Cameron really is an awesome defensive centerfielder, and the Mariners will greatly miss his glove. The dropoff from Cameron to Winn is going to be huge, and Ryan Franklin should demand a trade to whatever team Cameron signs with.

Also, to everyone who continues to email us about Edgar being too old and the Mariners needing to get over their sentimentality, wake the heck up.

Martinez, 2003 AL ranks:

BA: 25th

OBP: 4th

SLG: 26th

EqA: 8th

Martinez, 2003 team ranks:

BA: 2nd

OBP: 1st

SLG: 2nd

EqA: 1st

Edgar Martinez is still a tremendous hitter, a vital cog of the Mariners offense, and a valuable player. If it pains you to watch him run, turn off the T.V. and listen on the radio. If you need speed to enjoy your sporting experience, I suggest Nascar. There are few things more entertaining in the game than watching Edgar work a pitcher into submission before lining an unhittable pitch into the alley for a double. He’s not only a joy to watch, but he’s a huge reason why the Mariners won 93 games, and they should thank their lucky stars that he’s coming back. When Edgar stops being one of the 5 or 6 best hitters in the league, then you can tell him to retire.

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Seattle PI reports Edgar’s returning! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

O Happy Day!

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In the “good news that surprises no one” category, Edgar Martinez is not going to retire. His agent makes the right comments about keeping options open, blah blah, negotiating ploy, blah blah, but make no mistake, Edgar will be a Mariner next year. He’s not going to sign with another team. They will reach an agreement, and Edgar will be the DH for the M’s again. And there was much rejoicing.

The Seattle P-I also says that the M’s won’t be allowed to talk to Brian Cashman, which isn’t really a surprise.

Also, we’ve created a mailing list for all interested in the U.S.S. Mariner Feed and we’re in the process of finalizing a location. If you did not receive an invitation to the mailing list and are interested in attending, email us and we’ll get you added.