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Dumping Cirillo and signing Randa… sounds like throwing good money after bad to me.

I like the M’s approach with Lee, as outlined by Derek below, even though it means they probably have very little chance of signing him.

Isn’t there a top-notch Korean outfielder on the free agent market as well?

Update: Looking around just now, I think I’m talking about Shim Jong-soo, although it appears he’s not headed for MLB as of yet.

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Also, what’s up with the talk that the M’s are going to release Cirillo and go after FA Joe Randa? What’s the point? The difference between the two taken as a whole is one, maybe two games a year. While I understand the reasoning behind regarding Cirillo a sunk cost, if the M’s spend a couple million on Randa that could have gone to Matsui, or towards Vlad, I’m going to tear my hair out.

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Peter Gammons reports that Bavasi went to LA to see about “both Kaz Matsui and Korean first baseman Seung-Yeop Lee.”

The Korea Times reports the M’s have made an offer, though at less than $1m/year. Lee is 27, hit 56 home runs last year. Further:

Lee, who hit an Asian record 56 homers this season, told reporters that he liked the Dodgers’ family-like atmosphere after meeting the team’s vice president Tommy Lasorda and general manager Don Evans with his agent John Kim.

“I feel like I’ve been here before although I am here for the first time,’’ Lee said. “The atmosphere was much better than with the Mariners. I want to play for the Dodgers.’’

And in the Seattle Times, Roger Jongewaard : ““We’d probably send him to Triple-A to see if he is the real deal.’’

For the M’s it looks like they would throw him in the minors, give him a year, and if he’s ready they’d plug him in at first in 2005 after Olerud moves on… and if he washes out, they hit the free agent market.