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New M’s blog on the M’s minor leagues: Mariner Minors.

Also new out there:

Sons of Buhner. If you thought I wrote long posts, check these dudes out.

Mariner Optimist. Which neatly divides the Blogosphere into optimist/pessimist camps, which I think (and have gone on about for some length in email) is wrong (on account of… well never mind, no one cares what I think about this…). It’s his blog though, he’s free to list me in the “Cranky Internet Columnist” section if he feels like it.

Which brings up a point: if you’ve got a M’s blog and we’re not pointing to it, there’s one reason: we haven’t updated it yet. Feel free to drop us a note. I’d like to offer more… categorized listings, but generally speaking, updating links is way, way down on our priority list, so it doesn’t get done frequently. Which, uh, is part of why I put off adding links at all for so long, because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep up on this stuff. So bear with us.

Someone could actually write a blog about the different M’s blogs by this point. To think that just a couple months ago… (sniff)… I’m just so happy…

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There’s a guy in the LA Times recommending that the Dodgers hire Gillick (which would involve a dangerous operation to seperate Bavasi and Gillick, which the Dodgers would presumably pay for) to be their GM. I’d provide a link, but I’m annoyed at the LA Times and their registration policy, which made it hard for me to read the article even though I’d already registered before. In any event – Bavasi’s hinted that Gillick’s been approached before and turned it down, prefering to run the M’s from the shadows like some Sith Lord* but here’s my opinion on this issue:

I’d rather Gillick took over running another AL West team so our 85-win Mariners could have a better shot at the playoffs.

* ObStarWars reference.. sorry, it’s been a while.