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“I’m working in the flea market so early

I’ve been working here since my mama was a baby…”

— Prince Fleaswallow

We should in all fairness point out that Pocket Lint also said in the same chat that he would have let Winn and Garcia go in order to sign Vlad. I’m not sure how much this makes up for the rest of the Finnigan stuff we’re firing at him for, but there it is.

Confucious taught that the man to be admired was not the hero or the villan, but the steady bureaucrat who in good times and bad attempted to do as much good for the people as he could given the current adminstration.

That’s… that’s Larry Stone to me. He’s obviously smart, insightful, and for a living he gets to write about baseball. As a result, there are certain obvious restrictions placed on what he can and can’t write about the team, and he struggles with them, and sometimes he gets through, suggesting something obvious the team’s not considering, and sometimes he’s restrained from really going off. I like Larry Stone, and I have a lot of respect for the job he does.

Finnigan… I haven’t seen enough evidence to convince me if PL Finnigan is smart and an active collaborator, a coffee-house Vichy if you will, or if he’s really a W-L, RBI man who takes what he’s given and believes it. Does one deserve more respect than the other? Why?

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The M’s have signed a Taiwanese infielder named Yung-Chi Chen. He’s the second player from Taiwan in the organization, joining catcher Chao Wu.