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I have good news and bad news.

Good News

My new camera arrived today, and I’m pretty fired up about it. I can’t wait to start taking some really cool shots and putting them up on my brand new photoblog. Opening the package felt like Christmas when I was a kid. As a bonus, its 75 degrees out here this weekend, and there are a ton of great photo ops in the area. I couldn’t ask for nicer weather to break the D70 in.

Bad News

I’m going to have to work most of the rest of tonight, and I have to work tommorrow. Because I just made a major screwup, I added an extra hour of work to my load. By the time I can touch my camera again, it will be dark. A beautiful day, a brand new camera, and I’ll be inside working. This is like going through the Quinton McCracken trade all over again.